Startup Christ welcomes EcoEats, Inc!

One of the goals of Startup Christ is to feature Christian businesses. These businesses are founded as an entrepreneur’s means of using their talents to benefit the kingdom. While these businesses may be for profit, it doesn’t mean they can’t do good work especially once they make a profit. EcoEats, Inc launched was founded in April and has launched its initial products.


EcoEats saw a need. People want delicious and healthy food. Of course! This timeless problem has led to all sorts of food fads. Americans are now more receptive to alternative foods and diets. Natural and organic foods are rising. Yet Americans have largely been missing out on the healthiest meats such as rabbit, venison, bison, and alligator.


EcoEats was founded to popularize and capitalize off the rise of alternative meats in everyday American diets. Starting out EcoEats is producing exotic jerkies out of a commercial kitchen. From there the possibilities are endless. Food trucks, deli, frozen foods, canned soups, insects etc. The need is there and EcoEats will exploit it.


You can shop on EcoEats’ website at or visit StartupChrist Shopto see their selection.

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