#FollowFriday! Prioritizing growth over ratio

Startup Christ has a twitter account. It’s a couple weeks old and has already amassed nearly 300 followers. Not bad. Please give it a follow to help the growth. Social media is important to the mission. While the exact strategy of Startup Christ is in the process of being fine tuned for the external environment, the importance of social media is part of the reason Startup Christ changed hosts to the new site. Whatever the exact mission, Startup Christ has, social media will amount to a crucial resource in the process.

This is a venture after all. That being said, the twitter account is for the purposes of accomplishing strategic objectives. In orders for it to do so Startup Christ has developed a plan. The plan will has main points that will serve as rules for growing the account.

100% Organic Growth

This means under no circumstances will Startup Christ purchase followers. Yeah it’s cheap. But it is costly to one’s reputation. Purchasing followers becomes obvious when the ratio is phenomenal and the engagement is trash. These followers are useless, therefore only provide the company with a flashy ratio. Sound like pride, something we Christians should reject.

Growth over Ratio

We recognize that we are a nobody. A tiny guppy in a vast twittersphere. Why should people follow us without expecting a followback? We have only triple digit followers as the moment. It seems counter-intuitive, but the best way to grow a twitter account is to followback. Why? Because everyone wants to grow their reach. It’s a fair tradeoff for us nobodies to reach out to one another. We would rather have 50000 following and 48000 followers than 50 following and 400 followers. Our reach is better with the former.

Targeted Following

Being a Christian account, we are seeking out other Christian accounts. Sure we’ll follow a lot of bible verse accounts, but one of our primary targets are Christian bloggers, musicians, writers, and of course, normal Christian people. Secular people welcomed of course. But in growing our reach it’s not the aim just yet.

Community Engagement

Startup Christ will engage with those who engage with us. Though in all honesty we won’t respond to too many of other people’s postings. People tweet too much and on this account we aren’t refusing to follow people who have no lives. But we will retweet people and favorite awesome tweets.

DMs to be largely unused

DMs are the primary source of spam. Everyone know it. Too many followers use apps to manage their account to maintain their ratios, but they choose the crappy ones that send spam people’s DMs. That’s a way to get an account off to the wrong foot with a new follower. Furthermore we will not click on people’s links to prove that we are not a spam account. That is a waste of time. If someone does want to DM, it would be best to tweet about taking a conversation to DM instead.

Weekly Growth Goals

We’re setting the weekly growth goal at 50 followers a week. We feel this is a good starting point.

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