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Brock Lesnar fiasco hurts UFC brand

For those who don’t already know, the WWE isn’t real. It’s simulated wrestling. The UFC has built a reputation of being a real combat sport. While the devoted fanbases of WWE and UFC aren’t mutually exclusive, the reasons for watching either are entirely different. WWE is built of theatrics and a predictable unpredictability. The UFC storylines are often about up and coming stars and a professional rivalry among the fighters. Both reward showmanship and both have a central figure running the show. But while in the WWE theatrics are encouraged, fans in the UFC aren’t interested in scripted appearances by bums like Brock Lesnar.


Ben Fowlkes at MMA Junkie wrote this:

Lesnar is a former UFC champ, it’s true. But really he’s a pro wrestler who is 0-2 with one no-contest in his last three real bouts. He hasn’t won a fight in a result that withstood the drug tests since 2010. He’s currently under suspension for failing two different tests the last time he returned to the UFC for a one-off payday. And now he gets a title shot?


If you will pay for it, the UFC will give it to you. Doesn’t matter how ridiculous it might be. Doesn’t even matter if it openly contradicts all the other things the organization claims to care about. Making more of that sweet, sweet money is all that matters. That lust for cash is the Rosetta Stone that allows us to understand every move the UFC makes.

So Cormier and Lesnar will fight and people will pay and the money men will drape themselves in profits. And then after? Either Cormier will win and retire or Lesnar will win and vanish. Then aren’t we right back to asking what the hell is going on at heavyweight? And do we just accept as our fate this cycle of feast and famine?



The UFC is chasing quick cash but the theatrics and personnel they are employing to chase the cash with are tarnishing the authenticity of the sport. Lesnar has no business contending in a title fight, and his mention is an insult to legitimate athletes, even if the Heavyweight division is boring. Running the UFC like the WWE will only make the UFC liken to Vince McMahon’s conglomerate. If the UFC loses it’s authenticity, the sport of MMA will face a major setback.


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