Last week was good for EcoEats

EcoEats participated in it’s first event last Saturday. It was a craft show and flea market hosted by the Gamber and Community Volunteer Fire Department. The event was supposed to take place the prior month in June. But it was rained out. For those who don’t know, it’s monsoon season in Maryland. Despite the forecast, the show went on undeterred by the impending rain. Even with the month of extra time to prepare, I did not have the equipment, tents, chairs, etc., to be outside. I was hoping for good whether and my working experience standing for hours being sparing me the discomfort. But rain was problematic, forecasting doubts on my event prospects. However, with the rain coming, indoor spots became available. Unable to refund my money, I quickly snagged a newly open indoor slot. On Friday night I snagged an indoor slot. One problem solved.

The next problem was getting up in the morning. Check in time started at 6am. The show officially started at eight. I’m a night owl. I even pen this post in the hour of the wolf. Six in the morning is tough. So I aimed for a little after seven. I arrived and set up shop with plenty of time to spare. Another dilemma solved. There weren’t too many vendors, likely some no-showed. The event began, and I went the first hour without a sale. In the middle of the second hour, around 9:30, the amount of people inside the fire hall climaxed. I made a few sales. The ten o’clock hour, I made even fewer sales. But the show died during the 11 o’clock hour. Indoor vendors started to pack up their wares, with complaints of not making any money. Yet this hour was my best hour in sales. In this hour, the event fee was paid for, making the previous hours merely profit. The other vendors had bought from me as well. They came to make money, but with me, they were spending.

In a day where vendors were mistreated by mother nature, EcoEats prevailed the most. I believe this to be the case for two reasons.

  1. EcoEats was likely selling higher priced items
  2. EcoEats product stood out

Higher priced items means I need fewer transactions to meet the cost I paid to be a vendor. Simple math. But EcoEats’ jerky stood out among the craft jewelry and other fashion items. There was a guy behind me with collectibles, but exotic jerky stood out. This suggests that in a better situation, EcoEats will do just fine. The conversations I had allowed me to craft a pitch to sell. I also took a tally of people I interacted with. I find it important to record such metrics to set a standard in the future for my direct marketing.

Overall, the show on Saturday was a good day for EcoEats, even if it were rainy. But the success didn’t stop there. Afterwards, I noticed a review left on the company’s Etsy page. EcoEats first review on Etsy was 5 stars! In an age where people rely too much on internet reviews, this was great news. The review said this:

I was initially dubious about an alligator jerky flavored with crab spices but I’ll tell you what, that was amazing and I will be ordering more!

This review will help open the gateway to more sales in the future. The feedback was a real confidence booster, especially when I’ve been experiencing doubts. Please pray for me and my company.

Raymond Fava

CEO, EcoEats, Inc.

EcoEats is a featured business on Startup Christ. To become feature, visit here. To shop for EcoEats’ products, click here.

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