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Google assisting oppressive Chinese government with censored search engine

Google is notorious for their employee wellness programs as well as social activism. But can one truly be surprised that they would assist semi-communist government in oppressing their own people? In the last couple of years, Google has accumulated a reputation for censoring ideas, websites, and bloggers they don’t seem to agree with. James Damore was fired for being a dissenting voice in an internal chatroom. But this is a mere drop in the bucket, Damore explains in his PragerU video. The Intercept reports how Google has been developing a search engine that enables government regimes to oppress their citizens.

Original Story


GOOGLE BUILT A prototype of a censored search engine for China that links users’ searches to their personal phone numbers, thus making it easier for the Chinese government to monitor people’s queries, The Intercept can reveal.

The search engine, codenamed Dragonfly, was designed for Android devices, and would remove content deemed sensitive by China’s ruling Communist Party regime, such as information about political dissidents, free speech, democracy, human rights, and peaceful protest.

Previously undisclosed details about the plan, obtained by The Intercept on Friday, show that Google compiled a censorship blacklist that included terms such as “human rights,” “student protest,” and “Nobel Prize” in Mandarin.

Other Implications

Gallagher’s report details the implications in regards to the toxicity in China’s air. The amount of pollution could very well be under-reported and thus the truth hidden from the people. However their is a greater Truth that may purposely hidden on this nefarious search engine.

By most accounts the underground Church in China is booming. This is despite efforts by the Communist Party officials to extinguish Christianity. The Chinese government even created apostate churches to limit the threat Christianity and free thinking pose. Earlier this year these Churches gained a sense of legitimacy courtesy of Pope Francis.  Now they have a search engine which will undoubtedly label Christianity as politically incorrect and therefore censor it.

Final Thoughts

Google has yet to be so bold as to completely censor Christianity from the internet. But in China they can overtly practice that which they covertly perform in the United States and elsewhere. The major difference is that they are actively assisting an oppressive government. For a company with the motto “Don’t Be Evil” for its own corporate conduct, Google, or Alphabet, is miserably failing to live up to its word.

Raymond Fava is the founder of Startup Christ and the founder of EcoEats, Inc. EcoEats crafts exotic jerkies using unique flavors. To see their selection, click here.

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