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Startup Christ Status Report November 2018

It’s been nearly six months since I gave a formal update on the status of Startup Christ. Back in late June we launched on the WordPress platform, following a change in our host. The new site has a new design, better for mobile browsing and exploring content. This change paired excellently with our launched twitter account. The beauty of WordPress is a guarantee of more tweetable links. Another new feature was advertisement. But these were explained in the announcement back in June and require no more explanation in this update.

Social Media Growth

Startup Christ has nearly 1000 followers on Twitter. The beauty of Twitter is that following a bunch of accounts leads to a bunch of accounts following you. This has lubricated the growth of the Twitter account for the site. This does come at a price of engagment. Because our following has many more followers, the problem becomes getting our followers to see our content. Admittedly, this is more inefficient than most twitter accounts, but this inefficiency was anticipated which is why growth was prioritized over ratio. The engagement that of our tweets isn’t terrible either, however online conversations are lacking.

Search Engine Optimization

Startup Christ needed content in order for search engines to rank us higher. And while it is clear that we are not high on any rankings, during the month of November, we have started to see consistent traction. This is great news, a milestone Startup Christ is most happy to announce. And while quantity of articles is beneficial for this ranking, the quality of our articles has been the driving force. In November, we posted Standard Oil: A case study of why monopolies are good. This article being specific and beneficial for research has been the most viewed this month. Seeing this, we will continue producing like content.


In this area, we have been sorely disappointed. Our ads, though not annoying, are not generating any revenue. And while profiting was not anticipated so soon, its disappointing how much traffic we will need to actually achieve this. Making money online isn’t as easy as all those clickbait sponsored content make it out to be.

Statement of Beliefs

While it was stated back in June, that the new site would feature this, it does not exist at the moment. Apologies, but it is not as easy as it seems, and writing content and generating traffic has been our operational priority.

Featured Businesses and Writers

Perhaps Startup Christ is in a niche, but we are currently seeking to build a team willing to write articles for us. Preferably, these writers would also be entrepreneurs, but we’ve are willing to be less scrupulous. If you are interested in writing for us click here.

Overall Conclusion

Startup Christ has made significant strides in the last few months in getting where we need to be.

Thank you for your support,

Startup Christ


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