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Why ‘Church People’ is a must see faith-based film

There have definitely have been an increase in faith based films being produced. Both the quality and the success of this genre has made significant gains. However, the overwhelming majority, if not all, of these prominent movies have been serious movies. In the near future, the movie Unplanned will come out, tackling the abortion issue. This comes after Gosnelland I Can Only Imagine, one being dark the other being rather serious. In stark contrast with these movies, Church People aims to be a comedy film produced at the same quality as these other movies. In fact, the same backer of Unplanned, Michael Lindell, is the same backer of this movie. Above is the concept trailer.

In a day and age where comedy is under attack from social justice warriors, many comedians, such as Trevor Noah, are under attack by the system that they helped create, Church People delivers an Office level cringiness that gives the impression that not only this film can draw laughs but also provide an insightful and redeeming message. It is important to note that the video provided is a CONCEPT TRAILER, not the actual trailer. I was informed only two actors in the trailer, the lead/writer, Thor Ramsay, and the megachurch pastor, are in the actual film. This concept trailer was produced in order to prove the movie a viable concept and raise money. This trailer evidently received the attention of Michael Lindell who backed the movie.

I was given the opportunity to interview the film’s director, Christopher Shaw, and greater explore the faith based film industry. Ultimately, this article serves as a teaser for this interview, one which is informative for anyone looking to produce Christian content. I also believe this movie is worth watching and supporting. Be sure to watch the interview which will be shared on NOQ Report or on Startup Christ

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