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Beth Moore refuses open letter to clarify position on homosexuality, blocks author

A lettered penned by prominent Christian women’s discipleship writer, Michelle Lesley, asked Beth Moore to clarify her position on homosexuality after a series of silence and biblically questionable(putting it mildly) actions in her ministry around the issue. The letter is not confrontational towards Moore, however, it does ask that she confront the Bible and homosexuality. The letter was written in the spirit of 1 Peter 3:15 and James 3:1. Here are a few excerpts from the open letter signed by nearly five hundred women.

To your credit, in your book To Live is Christ: The Life and Ministry of Paulyou wrote, “I met a young man who had experienced freedom from the bondage of homosexuality” (pg. 119). This book was first published in 1997 and then republished in 2008 but it seems since then you have said very little if anything publicly about this issue.

Another factor prompting our open letter to you is the very public mutual affection and admiration between you, Jen Hatmaker and Jonathan Merritt.

Both Jen Hatmaker and Jonathan Merritt are known for their belief that practicing homosexuals can be Christians. Given that this is such a deeply held conviction that both share and this conviction (wrong though it is) has cost them both in their standing amongst theologically conservative evangelicals, and that they both praise you so highly, it raises the natural question as to where you stand on this issue.

Given his beliefs, Merritt publicly saying that he believes you to be “an angelic being having a human experience” strongly suggests that his high praise of you is, at least partially, rooted in your views on this issue that you have shared with him privately. It seems most unlikely that he would be praising you so highly if you had told him that as a homosexual man he will perish for all of eternity unless he repents. It likewise seems unlikely that Hatmaker (a married, straight woman) would praise you so highly if you told her that her affirmation of homosexuality and homosexual marriage is sinful and that she must repent.

When all of this is coupled with your total silence on homosexuality (in stark contrast to your very vocal stance on gender/racial/abuse issues) it naturally raises the question as to what your beliefs on it truly are.

After stating the reason why the letter is necessary in the first place, Michelle Lesley requests five questions to have clarified on the issue:

  1. Do you believe homosexuality is inherently sinful?
  2. Do you believe that the practice of the homosexual lifestyle is compatible with holy Christian living?
  3. Do you believe a person who dies as a practicing homosexual but professes to be a Christian will inherit eternal life?
  4. Do you believe same sex attraction is, in and of itself, an inherently sinful, unnatural, and disordered desire that must be mortified?
  5. Why have you been so silent on this subject in light of your desire to “teach the word of God?”

The letter was penned on June 19th and has only been met with backhanded subtle jabs on Twitter by Beth Moore. On July 1st however, Michelle Lesley tweeted a picture of her being blocked by Beth Moore.

The implication is clear that Beth Moore refuses to address concerns, especially as it pertains to her notable dive off the deep end of woke-ism. Social Justice is incompatible with Biblical Justice and those who embrace the former seldom adhere closely to scripture. We can look at the PCUSA, the Episcopal church, Lutherans, and various factions within the United Methodist Church and see this. This isn’t to say all heresy is tied to Leftism, for we have the Prosperity Gospel, the Millerites(Adventists), Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and various Charismaniacs that are regarded by the church in similar standing for reasons abundant other than their adherence lack thereof to biblical sexuality. However, every Church that accepts the worldly view of homosexuality has a much more theologically progressive view of sin, salvation, repentance, the letters of Paul, and a worldly, hippie, view of God’s love. In naming all of these denominations and cults that have gone off the deep end of the lake of fire, scripturally speaking, it is critical to note that the only denomination of Christianity in America to turn back is the Southern Baptist Convention, following the events of the Conservative Resurgence. Prominent affiliation with the SBC makes Beth Moore’s stance on the issue that much more critical. The Southern Baptist Convention finds itself, once more, embattled with progressive theology, and recognizing which side of the battle lines Beth Moore is on would address necessary concerns for her fans and women in the church, by extension. It’s important to note that there are several reasons to question the validity of Beth Moore, among them are her affirmation of false teachers, extra-biblical revelations, and the issue of teaching to men.

The truth of sin and repentance is one where false teachers are many times separated like wheat from chaff. The utmost contempt for redressing the simple but hard biblical truth on homosexuality is a clear sign Beth Moore teaches a Popularity Gospel, unwilling to stand behind God’s Word when it’s divisive.

Originally published on NOQ Report.


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