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The Great Awokening Conference to address Popularity Gospel!

JD Hall, Judd Saul, and Aaron Kilbourn headline The Great Awokening Conference in Parker, South Dakota to address the prevalent issue of the Social Justice Gospel and subsequent issues like critical race theory. JD Hall is a part of the Evangelical Dark Web over at Pulpit and Pen. Judd Saul is the director of the upcoming Enemies Within the Church documentary. And Aaron Kilbourn is the pastor of the host church in Parker. This conference is one of at least two focusing on the Social Justice Gospel, likely inspired by the aforementioned documentary.

Pulpit and Pen reports:

The conference will discuss Social Justice, and compare the movement to the real Gospel of Jesus Christ:

What is Social Justice?
What is Cultural Marxism?
What is Critical Race Theory?
What is the “Popularity Gospel”?
How do these imitations compare to the real Gospel of the Holy Bible, and which should the church be proclaiming?

This article was published on September 17th, this site relaunching on the 15th. The Popularity Gospel is a term coined in large part by myself in writing for NOQ Report and articulating this monstrosity in the church, in order to fight it, is one of the reasons I launched the EDW. So, it’s very likely that the Popularity Gospel was added to the shortlist of items to address because of the work I have done.

This is very humbling to me because I see how much of the work God is doing. The launch of Evangelical Dark Web was a resounding success, and to see God use my work as part of a much bigger plan is amazing. Perhaps one day, I will be speaking at like events. But my focus is not on myself, and for that reason, I have great joy that people are building upon my work, whether or not I receive any due credit.

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