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DarkLinks 3: Which nations are pro-life?


US, 18 other nations tell UN: ‘There is no international right to an abortion’

By Lianne Laurence @ Lifesite News

Those countries are: the United States, Bahrain, Belarus, Brazil, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egypt, Guatemala, Haiti, Hungary, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Nigeria, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

Open Border Advocates, Progressives Rewriting the Bible

By Capstone Report

“Last week, a New Testament professor at Wheaton College (the place known as the Harvard of evangelicalism) tweeted how future Bible translations would be improved with greater minority involvement.

Dr. Esau McCaulley tweeted, “A question that I can’t stop asking: If all translation is interpretation and interpretation is influenced by social location, what does it mean that most of our English bibles were translated with very few Black or other Christians of color or women involved?””

Divided We Stand

By Jeff Dornik @ Gate Keepers

“The battle lines are drawn, that’s for sure. And the Cultural Marxists are in uniform, in perfect formation with their arms linked and in lock-step. But then you have the anti-SJWs over here with a ragtag team, no uniformity, made up of a bunch of little groups and constantly infighting. I mean, seriously, we are going up against the biggest, strongest, most well funded theological enemy of our lifetimes, and we’ve been in this battle for a year and we can’t get our act together. Let me explain.”

Campus Crusade Social Justice Agenda Exposed in New Video

By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte

CRU is not only known for its racialized social justice activism, but it has also been exposed for its softened stance on homosexuality and LGBTQ inclusiveness. One CRU leader, Rachel Gilson, who is also a contributor and regular circuit speaker for The Gospel Coalition, was recently exposed for teaching students that it is okay to be gay and also penned an article at Desiring God affirming the LGBTQ teaching that gender is independent of biological sex.

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