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DarkLinks 4: Is Hillsong in the closet?

Gay Advocacy Group Says Hillsong Leaders Are Privately Gay-Affirming, But Won’t Publicly Admit It

By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte

A gay church advocacy group recently stated that there are leaders at Hillsong at all levels who are gay-affirming, but because it’s a controversial subject, they aren’t ready to come forth with it.

Why Do Minorities Fabricate Hate Crimes?

By Pulpit & Pen

Until we stop incentivizing victimhood and stop believing every story we are told, we will have more sad accounts of beautiful little girls like Amari Allen who feel they have to lie about being oppressed in order to be loved and valued.

Hate crime used to vilify Karen Pence a hoax

By Ray Fava @ NOQ Report

America is so great we have to fake hate crimes. More seriously, moving forward, we should really practice presumption of innocence as a movement to the extent that we believe that a hate crime is a hoax from the start and move forward from there pending evidence. These are crazy times and such times as these produce all kinds of people of all ages bearing false witness in a way that they know the “right” people will join them on. We cannot become complicit as people bear false witness on one another.

Karen Swallow Prior’s Undermining of Biblical Sexuality

by Enemies Within The Church

Unfortunately, Prior’s newly released anthology, Cultural Engagement: A Crash Course in Contemporary Issues, which she co-authored with Joshua D. Chatraw, is the latest example of why institutional faith and/or conduct statements are not standing up to the new unorthodox and academic consensus.


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