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Reaction to Hillsong being in the closet

We wanted to react to the reporting of Jeff Maples of Reformation Charlotte that we promoted in DarkLinks 4. It was reported that a homosexual advocacy group claimed that Hillsong supports homosexuality but is unwilling to publicly do so. This allegation stems from behind closed doors conversations that supposedly happened between the Australian gay group and the Australian Popularity Gospel megachurch.

The quote that was most alleging was this claim:

Yes. There are people at all levels who have already come to understand that the term ‘gay Christian’ is not an oxymoron, but they are in the minority. That includes Pastors, leaders, musicians, singers and congregants. These alternative beliefs are never stated publicly as the ‘homosexual issue’ is the most controversial, divisive and contentious issue facing churches such as Hillsong.

There is nothing surprising about this. In words, Hillsong affirms the biblical belief on sexuality. In actions, they have a long documented history of being lukewarm squishes at best. Earlier this year, we reported how Brian Houston, head of the church, condemned Israel Folau for quoting scriptures on social media that called homosexuals to repentance. Houston’s public condemnation of a man of faith who was losing his career for holding orthodox beliefs is not the action of someone who hold the same viewpoint. We can also look at the Chris Pratt situation earlier this year where Hillsong responded with upmost ambiguity on the matter. In all situations of controversy, Hillsong responds with a postmodern view of love.

It should come as no surprise that a church that peddles the Popularity Gospel takes no firm stance on controversial issues where the Bible is intentionally, without doubt, divisive. Being lukewarm is a good way to grow a church is size and numbers but not in disciples. Antinomianism follows a lukewarm stance on sin and repentance. This allegation corroborates longstanding suspicions about how much Hillsong adheres to the biblical view of sin. Nothing more, nothing less.

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