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Big Eva supports Paula White’s Prosperity Gospel book


One of the most frustrating challenges for the mission of the Evangelical Dark Web is trusting big names who seek to combat the three heresies we believe to be most positioned to undermine the church Robert Jeffress is perhaps very formidable against the Social Justice Gospel but will sell out on the Prosperity Gospel to maintain a Whitehouse connection. Franklin Graham is also guilty of this to great disappointment. Paula White-Cain, more commonly known as Paula White is a well documented prosperity preacher.

Your usefulness to the Kingdom of God is determined by your commitment to purpose.

Even the quote that she is using to sell the book is wholly inaccurate from a biblical perspective. Just look at the book of Jonah where a prophet was successful despite his dubious commitment or Samson who was a bum until the very end. The elevator pitch of her book has us determining our usefulness to the Kingdom of God, but we are not the authors of God’s plan for our lives. Well intentioned it may be, this is an incorrect teaching nonetheless.

Franklin Graham was perhaps the most honest in his support. He is using her to maintain his favorability with Trump, at best. Is there any wonder why Trump has no real signs of being a Christian when Paula White is his spiritual advisory.

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