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Update: Franklin Graham deletes Prosperity Gospel promotion

Earlier this week, we covered how Big Eva celebrities like Franklin Graham and Robert Jeffress endorsed Paula White’s newest book which I would summarized as the repackaging of the unbiblical phrase “God helps those who help themselves.” But now we are reporting that Franklin Graham has deleted his endorsement of Paula White’s book. Our original reporting mentioned this about Graham’s endorsement:

Franklin Graham was perhaps the most honest in his support. He is using her to maintain his favorability with Trump, at best. Is there any wonder why Trump has no real signs of being a Christian when Paula White is his spiritual advisory.

The sudden change of heart should be welcomed by the Evangelical community. If Franklin Graham has lived long enough to see himself become a villain, he would have left the endorsement there, but out of conviction of the Holy Spirit and the spirit filled comments of rebuke on Twitter, he corrected himself.

This is a victory, albeit a small one, one which were one of many minor voices calling out the error. But we are not concerned with how large our individual contribution towards correction is, soli Dio gloria. This is a best case scenario, where we call out error and the correction is made.

We want to hold people accountable not to bring them down but so that they can grow and remain strong in their faith.

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