Prosperity preacher Paula White hired by Whitehouse

The spiritual adviser to President Donald Trump was brought on staff as a Whitehouse adviser. Her specific role will is reported to be advising the Trump administration’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative that aims to boost the voice of religious groups in certain government programs, The Hill reports.

In addition to influencing our President with a false gospel she let leak his ideas of building a crystal cathedral for God. We know that if Paula White is consulted on this, it will be an apostate church with heresy so ugly the outside won’t matter. But this was back in 2006 so we cannot say for certain how serious this pursuit still is.

Still, she cannot help herself. In recent days, several Evangelical outlets reported that she recently peddled hard the Prosperity Gospel hustle by trying to get old people to give money.

It’s a shame that we seemingly have a President who doesn’t hate or belittle Christianity, but he has sought the counsel of false teachers which does not help him spiritually. So, President Trump most likely believes he is closer to God than he actually is. All the more reason to pray for him and our leaders.


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