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DarkLinks 13: Congratulations Capstone Report!


‘Capstone Report’ Surpasses Baptist Press in Readership as People Hunger for Real News

By Pulpit & Pen

The Baptist Press is the official news outlet of the Southern Baptist Convention. However, fewer Southern Baptists than ever trust the news service and more and more Southern Baptists are getting their news from alternative outlets that are adversarial to the SBC establishment. The latest news site to shatter the Baptist Press in readership has been described as a “fourth-rate college football blog that merged into a sixth-rate discernment blog.”

The Capstone Report started as a web-log of the thoughts of a college football fan and Baptist layman. However, the website has recently joined Pulpit & Pen and Reformation Charlotte in a fraternity of niche news sites largely adversarial of the SBC that are largely considered more credible, honest, and dependable than the denomination’s own new outlet.

The readership proves it.

Some have wondered where Capstone Report came from (or Reformation Charlotte or Pulpit & Pen or the many blogs that are quickly becoming a more-read, more-trusted source than Baptist Press).


Church That Believes Exactly What The World Believes Not Sure Why No One Bothers Coming To Church Anymore

By Babylon Bee

PORTLAND, OR—Lifeforce Community Church prides itself on believing exactly what the surrounding culture believes. On issues ranging from intersectionality and identity politics to the existence of God and the nature of sin, the church takes great pains to match every single one of its core doctrines to that of secular American society.


The Lukewarm Church

By Sam Jones @ Gate Keepers

I live in an area that is one of the least biblically-minded in the United States. According to Barna Group, the Cedar Valley (Cedar Rapids/Waterloo area) is the fourth least biblically minded in the nation. As a pastor, this brings great sadness, but it is also not very surprising. There are many reasons as to why this could be: we have a state university in our relatively small population, we have suffered economic difficulties in the past couple of decades or perhaps it could be that we have quite the diversity of religion for being such a small area. All of these reasons could be what people point to for our lack of Bible-mindedness, but I have a different thought. I believe the churches of the Cedar Valley have fallen into a similar spiritual state as the church in Laodicea mentioned in Revelation 3:14-22.


Bethel Church Denies Scripture, Says “Core Belief” of Christianity is that “People are Good”

By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte

One of the most fundamental principles of biblical Christianity is that men are fallen — not good — and need a savior.

This foundational truth is laid out in the Old Testament,


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