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DarkLinks 14: AND Campaign and NAMB frivolities explained

This edition of DarkLinks features a common theme of highlighting a divide in Evangelical culture whether it be those who propagate the Social Justice Gospel or the Southern Baptist elitists who are increasingly out of touch with the laity. We plan to elaborate on the AND Campaign, but for now, we must highly recommend learning about it. Capstone Report‘s article on the luxurious lifestyles of Big Eva was particularly eye opening. While it’s understandable why David Platt, who lives in defense contractor land, Virginia has an expensive price tag on his home, we see a systemic pattern at the North American Mission Board of compensating church planters with homes well above the average from which they are planting a church. This can predictably lead to abuse and enrichment at the expense of unwitting congregants.


The AND Campaign Markets a Radical Left-Wing Agenda to Evangelicals

By Enemies Within The Church

In a recent podcast, Jon Harris claimed that “The AND Campaign is . . . a dangerous campaign to persuade evangelical voters . . . to think in progressive terms and categories and ultimately to vote either for Democrats or progressive Republicans who will say the same things that Democrats are saying.”

The AND Campaign, whose motto is “biblical values & social justice” promotes a voting guide for Christians in the 2020 election. Though the statement claims to reject both the Republican and Democrat platforms, it includes support for:

1. Felon voting rights
2. A “Livable wage”
3. The “Fairness for All Act”
4. Comprehensive Immigration Reform (without border security), and
5. “Accessible and Affordable Healthcare”


Decadence in the Church: Lifestyles of the Rich & Radical

By Capstone Report

Expensive homes are a way that Christian organizations reward leaders. For example, the North American Mission Board (NAMB) spent millions on acquiring homes in expensive locations for church planters. Some of the examples exposed by Reform NAMB include: a $475,000 home located at 5141 N Apache Hills Trail, Tucson, AZ. In Tucson, the average home price is $179,000. Also, NAMB spent $415,000 on a condo located at 9025 Woodlands Trail, Unit 13 Alpharetta, GA, perfectly placed near Avalon to enjoy the best of big city life.

According to research from Reform NAMB Now, over 40% of homes purchased by NAMB they’ve located are valued over $400,000.


Oklahoma Southern Baptists Are First to Adopt Resolution Calling For Complete Abortion Abolition

By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte

Abortion abolitionism — not to be confused with the sub-Christian sect known as Abolish Human Abortion (AHA) — is a growing movement within the Bible-believing Church. The generic pro-life movement has run its course in the minds of many gospel-centered Christians who see the movement as compromised as an industry dependent upon the continuation of abortion.


Hysterical Woman Blames Her Manic Crying on John MacArthur

By Pulpit & Pen

In the video, Jory cries (literally) about being told to ‘go home’ and says it makes her want to leave the church. She weeps and blames her tears on John MacArthur.

[Editor’s note: this article was added because Jory Micah is apparently influential enough to cover for our discernment of false teachers]


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