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DarkLinks 15: Chick-Fil-A capitulation


Chick-fil-A offers pitiful excuse for caving to radical progressive pressure

By Blaine Traber @ NOQ Report

I’m not going to involve myself in the “Cancel Culture” and either call for boycotts of Chick-fil-A or even boycott them myself. I love the sandwiches and I enjoy the spectacular service. There are much worse organizations to boycott. But it’s still a shame to see an iconic business fall at the hands of the radical progressives. With that said, I see nothing wrong with signing a petition about them.

The only reason Christian organizations were hand-selected to be removed from Chick-fil-A’s charity list is because they’re Christian organizations. The logic Chick-fil-A is using to justify it all a smokescreen. They fell to leftist pressure, period.


Petition: Chick-Fil-A: Return to your values or stop identifying as a Christian business

Ray Fava @

[Evangelical Dark Web is promoting this petition because the most stereotypically Christian company decided to disavow faith-based organizations. Please take the time to sign the petition. Over 400 people at the time of this compilation have. This petition will be featured on our activism page]


TGC Contributor Says Same-Sex Attraction Not Worse Than Opposite-Sex Attraction

By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte

Rebecca McLaughlin, a The Gospel Coalition contributor and a married woman who describes herself as having “lesbian desires,” recently spoke at an event with Tim Keller on the issues of same-sex attraction.

McLaughlin was asked during a Q&A session how churches could support members who have same-sex or bisexual attractions. She had two responses. One, always assume that at least 14 percent of the women in the room experience same-sex attraction and two, stop acting like same-sex attraction is worse than heterosexual attraction.


Joel Osteen Not Sure Who This ‘Jesus’ Fellow Is That Kanye Keeps Talking About

By Babylon Bee

HOUSTON, TX—According to sources at Lakewood Church, Joel Osteen was confused as Kanye West mentioned a strange name several times during his address to the congregation: “Jesus.”


The Purge: SWBTS Insider tells all

By Capstone Report

How do Al Mohler protégés treat minorities? New Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary president has sidelined conservative Latino professors and hired white candidates all with ties to Al Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

The new administration at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary has purged from its ranks most of its Latino professors, according to sources close to the seminary. Adam Greenway inherited a staff that was 29% minorities and women, but has terminated or sidelined most if not all of its Latino professors. And now one Southern Baptist insider is telling all about the culture of intimidation under the diversity-promoting Greenway administration.


Baptist seminary eliminates 13 minorities, women faculty and hires 10 white males

By Capstone Report

According to a post from Dr. Robert Lopez, SWBTS eliminated a total of about 26 faculty positions during a restructuring last year. However, the actual number let go is difficult to ascertain because of secrecy. As is now common practice in the Southern Baptist Convention, many who were downsized were enticed to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). This was a highly controversial practice when the International Mission Board downsized its missionary force under the leadership of David Platt.



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