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Big win: Tennessee Baptists condemn Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality

Earlier this year the Southern Baptist Convention passed a resolution allowing Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality to be analytics tools. The move sent shockwaves through the Evangelical world due to the dishonest lengths taken to alter and pass this resolution. Now Tennessee Baptist Convention has passed its own resolution condemning CRT/I as “inconsistent with a Biblical worldview and theology” in strong rebuke of Resolution 9.

The Resolution reads below:


Source: Matt Stamper


In my appeal to save the Southern Baptist Convention, I wrote that we should depart from the SBC if the original draft of Resolution would not pass.

The question remains, would the original resolution pass the Southern Baptist Convention or not? Considering how bastardized the eventual resolution would be, the answer point to a yes. The postmodernists peddling the Social Justice Gospel by teaching Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality must make cryptic their intentions. They cannot outright promote their beliefs and even Resolution 9 places a limitation on its use. Perhaps they know how their beliefs may fly in an isolated seminary classroom but not to the masses. Therefore, this beach head can be driven back to the sea by a coordinated counterattack.

Tennessee Baptists look as though they just launched the first counterattack on the beachhead of heresy that is Resolution 9 by passing at the state convention level a resolution that is confrontational with the policy of the national level. This similarly comes after the Oklahoma Baptists passed a resolution to end abortion. This confrontation may inspire other states to combat the Social Justice Gospel. There is more fight left for the soul of the Southern Baptist Convention than previously assumed. We just need more people to wake up.


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