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November 2019 EDW Report

In the spirit of transparency and accountability, we like to report to our faithful viewers the progress made in the last month.

Quick Stats

Setbacks and Feats

To be frank, total views did not meet our goals for the month of November. However our focus on social media went towards pushing our petition to Chick-Fil-A which did exceed our expectations and also towards videos which we are just beginning to ramp up. It also appears we made an impact however small in the FBC Naples incident in Florida.

Discernment Updates

Our Discernment database saw some growth as we added false teachers such as Jory Micah and Grant Hartley to the list as Category 5. This was an example of lesser known threats being assessed because their danger is in their lack of notoriety. Grant Hartley is not as known as a Joel Osteen so he is able to infiltrate Cru with no pushback. Jory Micah is a blatant heretic and her documenting will help spot other heretics. Time spent on both of these will surely be beneficial for Christians in the future. We are starting to see consistent traffic on our discernment pages which will hopefully allow us not to rely on constant news stories. December began with the verdict on Brian Houston being a false teacher.

What’s coming up?

This month will focus on more engagement. We especially enjoyed the article submission by Malcolm Nicholson which in a series we will have been featuring on Mondays. We want to actively encourage more of this and will create a form page for that.

Likewise, we are we will be doing a verdict on an influencer that is more personal to me. So I want to create a form page so that you can request a verdict on an influencer you have concerns over.

Additionally, we will be publishing a statement of faith. We aren’t going to reinvent the wheel on this one. We are going to start with the statement of faith of Got Questions and tweak it from there.

On our last months report, we stated that November would feature theses updates:

One thing we want to explain later this month are Christianity’s Proxy Issues. This will be an add on to our differentiation between Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary issues

We regretfully did not accomplish these tasks. We hope to be able to this month.


Lastly We ask that you follow our social media accounts. Our Twitter and Youtube


That’s all we have to report for the month of November, 2019. We will likely do a quick update in the days to come to let you know about our new pages.


Soli Deo Gloria,







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