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enemies within the church

Enemies Within The Church 70% funded!

[Preface: Upon receiving this email, I acted after prayerful consideration and donated $50 to Enemies Within The Church. It’s a project I truly believe in and I encourage you to pray on it. The fight against the Social Justice Gospel would greatly benefit from this film.]

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Because of your generosity we are close to the finish line. We are 70% funded!
If we can raise the rest of our budget by Jan. 1st, Enemies Within The Church can be released in the spring of 2020.

I would like to ask that you prayerfully consider this important project as part of your year end giving.  If you have given in the past, please consider matching your previous donations. 

By partnering with this important ministry, you are taking a stand for Christ and the gospel. This project cannot be done without your help. This is a 100% grass roots effort. The special interests, and “Big Eva” do not want this film to get made.

Please Stand With Us And Join The Team! CLICK HERE TO DONATE Today!
“All Donations Are Tax Deductible” 

If you would rather support Pulpit & Pen’s crodwfunding effort, they are giving away an ebook* with every donation regardless of size, click here.

*Everyone that donates to this film will get free access to A Patriot’s Catechism which normally sells for $9.95. We’ll send you a free ebook copy for a donation of any amount to Judd Saul’s important film.

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