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Al Mohler defends SWBTS, 11th Commandment

In the latest news regarding the Robert Lopez, SWBTS scandal, Al Mohler has predictably come to the defense of Adam Greenway, Randy Stinson, and the faithfulness of SWBTS which has been under question. This story comes after Robert Lopez via Enemies Within The Church dropped evidence supporting the claim that Lopez was fired for sharing his testimony involving homosexuality and sex abuse. Read the tweet below:

I have full confidence in the biblical fidelity of @SWBTS and the commitment of its leadership to a robustly biblical vision of human sexuality and gender. Southern Baptists are well served by six seminaries committed to biblical fidelity.

This tweet is in support of the statement SWBTS released that was penned by Randy Stinsons. The evidence contradicts the statement made. Nonetheless, Al Mohler decided to sway the confidence of the laity back onto Adam Greenway’s side.

It’s high school level politics at the Southern Baptist Convention. Adam Greenway has deep ties to Al Mohler and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. When scandal embroils one major figure in Big Eva, other major figures in Big Eva are obliged to assist so that the fraternity they created perpetually endures. We see this a lot between JD Greear and Beth Moore. We saw this when Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary hired Karen Swallow Prior who was once too unorthodox for the apparently pro-abortion ERLC, which brings us to why Russell Moore still has a job.

The 11th Commandment in the Southern Baptist Convention prohibits one from speaking out against a fellow Southern Baptist, so long as they retain favor with the likes of Big Eva. Robert Lopez on multiple occasions violated this unbiblical rule and is currently facing the consequences of his actions. In order to save the Southern Baptist Convention, this 11th Commandment must be abolished from practice in order to root out the error corrupting the seminaries. The seminary presidents like Adam Greenway of SWBTS are masterful at maintaining their status through the systemic fraternity created by such unbiblical polity. It’s also worth noting that the 11th Commandment is why Al Mohler is the frontrunner to become President of the SBC.


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