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DarkLinks 22: Hallmark made to care

This edition of DarkLinks has a feature headline about Hallmark caving to the homosexual lobby. It’s worth noting that Hallmark itself is a secular organization that targets Christian women. Then we move on to an interesting perspective by Jeff Maples who discusses why God allows false teachers to thrive. It’s an interesting and relevant question discerning Christians should ask and study upon. I respect his willingness to tackle this question. From there we have a story on JD Greear driving an orthodox church out of the SBC with his pronoun hospitality. We have a more sensational article on the Revoice leaders, which we include because it’s a bit of an update on Grant Hartley, a Category 5 false teacher we gave a verdict on. Before returning to the Hallmark story we have an interesting take on the Kentucky ultrasound law, from the prospective that it’s not pro-life enough. While I agree with that premise, I also believe that this law could save lives and its win in the courts is significant for the larger battles to come. But I am willing to read and promote his prospective.


Hallmark Channel Has Been Made to Care

By Steve Berman @ The Resurgent

People who don’t represent the Hallmark Channel’s audience, and in fact despise the audience, are forcing that audience to sit through lesbian kisses in the commercials, that Hallmark itself would not present as part of its programming. This is how there will be no safe spaces for Christians. This is how we will all be made to care.

Two points emerge here: First, that the Hallmark channel should have known better. When a company caves to conservative Christian values and removes something considered offensive by that audience, even if that audience makes up the vast majority of their viewers, the CEO should know that the “backlash” will be severe and immediate.

Second, note that that the organization which initiated the complaint is the AFA, which is considered a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). SPLC also considers evangelist Franklin Graham a friend of these hate groups. The SPLC is considered the gold standard for defining hate by corporate giants like Amazon, Twitter and Google. Anytime the AFA opposes something, those who want to actively punish Christians for maintaining Biblical values automatically pounce on whoever dares to agree.


What is God’s Purpose in Allowing False Teachers to Flourish?

By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte

God disciplines his children — his believers — just like we discipline our own children. We don’t generally go around disciplining other people’s children. As with God, he doesn’t go around disciplining those who are not adopted into his family through Christ. I’m not saying he doesn’t punish, but punishment and discipline are two different things. Discipline is to correct inappropriate behavior. False teachers generally lack any discipline in their lives and doctrine.

Punishment, on the other hand, is God’s wrath. God hates those who are contrary to his nature (Psalm 5:4-611:5Proverbs 6:16-19), and desires to take his wrath out on them. In the Book of 1 Kings chapter 11, Solomon’s heart was turned against God, and God raised up an adversary against him. This was for the purpose of tearing Solomon’s kingdom away from him. So we know that God does raise up enemies, but this enemy was raised up for the purpose of God’s judgment.

Do false teachers serve the purpose of God’s judgment in this way? Does God raise up false teachers to serve his purpose of turning over the unrighteous to their sinful lusts and desires? Yes. False teachers do fulfill God’s purpose — they are not a random phenomenon.


After a Lifetime in the SBC, Black Pastor leaves because of JD Greear

By Capstone Report

Pittman played video excerpts of Southern Baptist Convention president J.D. Greear apologizing to the gay community on behalf of Southern Baptists.

“He wants to stand up for the rights of LGBT people,” Pittman said. “It is a farce. It is evil.”

And so, Pittman will lead his church out of the Southern Baptist Convention.

“I will officially end our relationship of our church with the Southern Baptist Convention—a convention that can elect such a man—it’s not a convention that our local church wants to be affiliated with,” Pittman said.

This is another church joining the growing numbers leaving the SBC.



By Pulpit & Pen

Karen Swallow Prior, the new “research professor” at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, endorsed the Revoice Conference both before and after it was held to “celebrate queer culture.” It turns out they’re still celebrating queerness, and this time doing so by throwing a Taylor Swift-themed party and fainting their fingernails together.

This isn’t satire. They’re just that gay.

Revoice co-founder, Stephen Moss, and Revoice speaker (and Covenant Seminary student), Grant Hartley, hosted an LGBT party in honor of Taylor Swift’s 30th birthday.


Another Example of how the Pro-Life Organizations Sustain the Slaughter of the Preborn

By Matthew Trewhella @ Lesser Magistrates

On Monday, December 9th, 2019, the pro-life organizations were heralding the ultrasound law in Kentucky not being struck down by the Supreme Court.   What you need to understand, however, is such laws are why the slaughter of the preborn continues. Yes – you heard me right.

The pro-life organizations have sustained the murder of the preborn for nearly 50 years now. The ultrasound law is yet the latest example of bad bills and strategy pursued by pro-life organizations.

Understand, the pro-life movement spent countless hours and millions of dollars on these ultrasound bills. The bill does not protect the preborn, rather, it makes sure women give “INFORMED CONSENT” to the murder of their preborn baby.   That’s right – like most pro-life bills over the last four and half decades, the ultrasound bill codifies into law that preborn babies can be murdered.

The pro-life leaders are quick to point that out when they do their interviews. They stress that this law does not outlaw the murder of the preborn – and then they speak of how it provides “informed consent” so the mother can murder her own son or daughter.


Hallmark Channel Caves To LGBT Lobby In Development As Predictable As Plot Of Hallmark Christmas Movie

By Babylon Bee

STUDIO CITY, CA—The Hallmark Channel has caved to the LGBT lobby after briefly pulling an ad featuring two women getting married.

The move is being criticized as trite and predictable, “just like a Hallmark Channel movie plot.”

“We totally saw this one coming,” said one viewer from California. “The company faces backlash from a small but vocal minority, and sure enough, they cave. Isn’t this a rerun? I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this one before.”



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