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DarkLinks 23: Evangelical Dark Web responds to Christianity Today

This publication was not alone in responding to Christianity Today‘s Mark Galli and his blatantly partisan post. The Evangelical Dark Web rejects the claim that orthopraxy requires us to support removing the president. In addition to rejecting Mark Galli’s fallacious post, others in the Evangelical Dark Web called out the blatant partisanship and the magazine’s history. Babylon Bee wrote a scathing satirical piece trashing Christianity Today’s relevance. The article by Jeff Maples points out that this is a proxy fight between all the same faces the Evangelical Dark Web has been calling out before. In summation, this is another instance that shows that the legacy “Christian” media institutions are corrupt and very distant from the laity.

Be sure to read our in house response to Mark Galli.

Your President And Your Principles

By Samuel Sey @ Slow To Write

In the article, Galli appears to embrace the Democrats talking points. He suggests in the article (and in interviews) it’s obvious Trump is guilty of “attempting to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents.” Except, it’s not obvious at all. It’s an accusation without credible evidence. It’s a subjective opinion without an apparent attempt for objective thinking.

This impeachment is the first partisan impeachment in American history. And if Galli was less partisan he would at least reserve judgement until the impeach process and the investigation was complete. Galli is receiving the inevitable cheap applause from regressives and leftists this morning.

But if Christianity Today’s ‘never-Trump’ positions are grounded in biblical morality, they’ve betrayed the biblical principle of refusing to condemn a person—especially the president of the United states—without credible evidence and without the opportunity to defend himself.

In doing so, Mark Galli and Christianity Today have sacrificed their principles against the president. And though my two friends do not agree on voting for Trump, they agree that we shouldn’t sacrifice our Christian principles for or against Trump.


Christianity Today stinks

By Capstone Report

Of course, this isn’t shocking. Even the editor of Christianity Today admits it is a liberal publication with no real readership among conservative evangelicals. CT editor Mark Galli told The Atlantic:

“At least as long as I’ve been editor in chief, I’ve never imagined that we at Christianity Today speak for all evangelicals. We speak for moderate, center-right, and center-left evangelicals. The far right—they don’t read us. They don’t care what we think. They think we’ve been co-opted by liberalism. So I understand that we do not represent the entire movement. And anyone who thinks that CT does, that’s just not the case.”

Yeah. You’ve been co-opted. We know this because serious Christian’s can’t be on the political left. A serious Christian must reject as sinful key tenets of liberalism today, namely, socialism, LGBTQ issues and abortion. If you have a biblically informed worldview, then you can’t be a liberal—at least at everyone understands the term today.

But it is instructive to see who is the core audience of Christianity Today—moderates.

We Southern Baptists know what moderate means.

Let me quote W.A. Criswell about moderates: “May I speak on The Curse of Liberalism?  Because of the opprobrious epithet ‘liberal,’ today they call themselves ‘moderates.’  A skunk by any other name still stinks!”

And Christianity Today and its editor stink.


Evangelicals Lining Up Behind Moral Leader, Nancy Pelosi, To Impeach Trump for “Immorality”

By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte

Recently, in an op-ed by Christianity Today’s editor in chief, Mark Galli, voiced his support for the move at his highly influential publication which was founded by the late Billy Graham. “The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents,” Galli writes, “That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.”

Lies. Again, not one shred of evidence to back up this claim. But — as we all know — this isn’t about Donald Trump’s “immorality,” it’s about his conservative policies which the left despises.

Several others have followed suit — mostly, those liberals who have always hated Trump because of his conservatism — and have used Galli’s hit piece as a springboard to launch their own campaigns against the president. One who stands out is Evangelical leader, founder and CEO of the black Christian publication, The Witness, Jemar Tisby, who says that historians will cite this for decades to come.


Magazine Takes Bold, Controversial Stance That Trump Is Bad

By Babylon Bee

U.S.—Christianity Today, on the forefront of an up-and-coming format called “print journalism,” took a bold stance in an editorial today, suggesting that Trump is bad.

In a shocking editorial, the magazine* and website took the bold and unprecedented stance that Trump is not a good person and that he should be impeached and removed from office. “We as Christians must be willing to go against culture, so we are going to say exactly what the culture has been screaming for years: Trump is bad,” the site’s EIC wrote in a blistering editorial.

This controversial take angered the magazine’s dozens of readers.


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