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Christianity Today unopposed to Pete Buttigieg’s false gospel

Christianity Today has garnered a lot of scrutiny from people who were previously unaware that they have been co-opted by the world. But with Soros ties and a history of being a rented by figures like James McDonald to lambaste critics, Christianity Today has long been Christianity in-name-only, a disgrace to the late Billy Graham whose coattails they cling. In a recent article by Mark Galli calling for President Trump’s removalChristianity Today went blatantly partisan. But this article of Trump is not the entirety of the leftist bias in “Christian” media.

With the Democrat Presidential Primary underway, one would think that “Christian” media would be interested in the spirituality of Democrat candidates for President. The most obvious candidate to address would be Pete Buttigieg who flaunts his faith. But articles addressing Pete Buttigieg are scarce when searching on Christianity Today’s website. Searching Pete Buttigieg returns just two results despite being a top four candidate for Democrats.

Pete Buttigieg preaches a false gospel yet only two articles mention him, none are solely about him. This comes in a publication that wrote numerous pieces pontificating about Trump’s spirituality before he won the nomination or became President. If we go through some of the articles:

The Theology of Donald Trump MARCH 16, 2016

Why Donald Trump Threatens to Trump the Gospel JANUARY 27, 2016 by Mark Galli

The Fake ‘Holy War’ Over Donald Trump’s ‘Get Even’ Advice KAREN SWALLOW PRIOR OCTOBER 3, 2012

[Written when Trump was contemplating running in 2012. In this article, the Leftist SEBTS professor takes the opportunity to attack orthodox critics, seemingly for no reason.]

Speak Truth to Trump ANDY CROUCH OCTOBER 10, 2016

[This article is about Trump’s immorality.]

These are some of the multitudes written about Trump. Yet Pete Buttigieg was an early entrant into the Democrat Primary. He presupposes to be a Christian while also being a homosexual. He uses the Bible to back up his support for minimum wage hikes while claiming that the Bible is ambiguous on abortion. He attacks people like Mike Pence religiously for holding sexual ethics. Yet Christianity Today has no coverage of any of this. Pete Buttigieg’s base is white suburbanites and his kryptonite is blacks, especially black evangelicals. With the amount of coverage of Trump’s appeal to the Evangelical vote, one would think an article on Pete Buttigieg’s appeal would have appeared. But instead we have only Bible verse quoting articles, with nothing in depth about the worldviews involved.

Donald Trump is surprisingly transparent about his nominal faith and embrace of the Prosperity Gospel. With all of the intrigue into his personal life, Trump is oddly normal: a man who believes in God but not Jesus. He may surround himself with false teachers, inspire false teachings, but he himself does not actively or consistently undermine the Gospel.

In stark contrast, Pete Buttigieg is someone who waves Christianity in your face. However, he’s an Episcopalian, an apostate denomination that doesn’t adhere to biblical orthodoxy. Secondly, he’s a homosexual which means he has not been born again. Thirdly, he articulates a false gospel. A false gospel should be confronted by every Christian publication when applicable. And for an article about Trump subverting the Gospel to make publication on multiple occasions but not Pete Buttigieg is hypocritical. And when I use the word hypocritical, I am referring to how Jesus called the Pharisees Greco-Roman play actors, not the bastardization of the word we see today. This is fraudulent grandstanding.

But if Christianity Today is not combating Pete Buttigieg’s Social Justice Gospel, it’s likely because they embrace it. In May 2018, I wrote this about the threat of Pete Buttigieg:

It’s a shame Christians are largely on a losing streak, save for Jack Phillips. The biggest concern is strictly cultural. Buttigieg is an apostate Christian, one with a bigger platform for the heretical Social Justice Gospel than a random professor from the Union Seminary. Bottom line is Pete Buttigieg isn’t a Christian but claims he is, believing it’s completely compatible with his homosexual lifestyle. The Bible makes it clear in the book of 1 Corinthians that it’s not compatible to be a homosexual among other sins and a Christian. But often the Social Justice Gospel rejects the words of Paul or, in this specific context, conjures an argument about consensual monogamous homosexual relationships being biblically passable.

If there is one message the bible repeats throughout the Old and New Testaments, it’s repentance. The Old Testament prophets preached repentance. John the Baptist preached repentance. Jesus not only preached repentance, he calls us to higher standards than the Jewish law. Peter’s first instruction to the new believers on Pentecost was repentance. The Social Justice Gospel, in which there is no doubt Pete Buttigieg will play a substantial part in promoting, rejects repentance. It rejects sanctification. Its doctrine is that you can be Christ like without being sanctified because, after all, Jesus was a wonderful teacher. Its mission is rectifying victims according to their intersectionality ranking through government entitlement programs. Its Jesus is a Palestinian.

Progressive Christianity is no Christianity at all, just a mere Social Justice Gospel. If there is no need for repentance, there is no real need for Jesus. Pete Buttigieg is a messenger for the Social Justice Gospel and that is his most threatening feature, not his ability to win the Presidency.

Pete Buttigieg is an obvious proponent of the Social Justice Gospel. But if we look deeper into Christianity Today, they are as well. Christianity Today is The Gospel Coalition in magazine form. They promote the same figures and views, though Tim Keller’s organization is alpha in this relationship. Christianity Today.

It’s clear that Trump’s faith was attacked and explored not to defend against false teachings, but to defend against competing false teachings. Pete Buttigieg is free to wave his “Christian” banner under Christianity Today’s watch, because they are unopposed to his agenda.

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