NOQ Report: Soros rented evangelicals

After the partisan Mark Galli article, my colleague, JD Rucker the EIC of NOQ Report dug deeper into the Soros connection to not only Christianity Today,  but other organizations as well. Any time the name Soros is mentioned, it sends conspiracy theory signals, but the evidence that Soros is manipulating in the affairs of the Evangelical church is quite clear. Too what end can be debated. NOQ Report uncovered a video that was removed from YouTube for unknown reasons on the subject. Watch below.


Notes about recovered video.

It’s important to revive all of this information, including the video, regardless of what happened to the people who originally produced it. Their website is still technically live but much of it is missing content and resources, a sign that it may have had certain pages purged. The Facebook page is gone and the YouTube channel only has two videos remaining on it despite its popular video sourced above having been removed.

To read the full commentary click here. Otherwise, I ask that you subscribe to NOQ Report’s YouTube channel, because monetization can only be achieved after 1000 subscribers.


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