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Watch: Paul Washer denounce Popularity Gospel

We referenced this video in our previous article on Hillsong’s carnal marketing, but it’s worth a watch in any case because of how accurately describes the problems with the Popularity Gospel.

Here’s a quote from the video:

“If you use carnal means to attract men, you’re going to attract carnal men. And you’re going to have to use greater carnal means to keep them in the church. So what has happened is this – we have these large churches filled with many unconverted carnal people. But, in those churches, we also have this small group of people that honestly want Christ… all they want is Jesus. But the pastor, in order to keep this larger group of unconverted people, he caters to them; so, while he is feeding these carnal men and women with carnal things, he is letting the sheep of God starve to death. The leadership is catering to the carnal and letting the Bride of Christ starve to death impoverished. That is wrong, and there is going to be judgment for it.”


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