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Evangelical Dark Web Top Articles 2019

This list is a top five starting with number five. Thank you for making these articles successful by sharing them and supporting their mission. 2019 was great year and we are look forward to a complete 2020 of being the Evangelical Dark Web!


Hillsong’s Brian Houston condemns Christian athlete Israel Folau for quoting scripture

This article details the ongoing feud between Hillsong preacher and Category 4 false teacher Brian Houston and a star Christian rugby player who preaches the gospel off the field. It’s an example of a Big Eva elite going after the little guy because he is nothing more than a pharisee.


Identity politics: coming to a church near you

The grim warning detailing the FBC Naples situation and implications was one of the top performers. It was also featured in NOQ Report.


Standard Oil: A case study of why monopolies are good

This article was written before Evangelical Dark Web in 2018. None the less, it is a bit of a research paper. The longform article has great SEO which keeps visitors consitently coming to it.


By What Standard documentary review

The timing of this article was outstanding and so was the social media reaction. Tom Ascol tweeted the article and despite how it didn’t seem like it had that many retweets, the traffic that came from it was incredible.


Beth Moore

This is not an article per se, its a page. And it is the most read informative content in 2019! Between the SEO of the lengthy read and the quality of the Discernment analysis, the first kicking off of our Discernment went off with a bang by calling to attention Beth Moore who is a leading advocate of capitulating to the world in the Southern Baptist Convention. This page, while not heavily promoted on Social media, had great link connections and traffic from other sites where it is linked.


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