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United Methodist Church proposes buyout of orthodox congregations

The theologically embattled United Methodist Church may have had a breakthrough in its gridlock on theological issues. Bishops from the heretical and orthodox camps of Methodism gathered with the goal of creating and exit plan for the theologically more orthodox churches. The preachers of the Social Justice Gospel are so crude and fed up with the sizable resistances keeping them from complete denominational control. These resisters have become so much of a nuisance to their plans that they want to buy them out.

The utter contempt for following Scripture has led to a proposal that includes $25 million for the orthodox Methodists to form their own denomination. This comes after the orthodox African bishops prevented the United Methodist Church from allowing homosexuals and transvestites into ministry positions and churches to perform homosexual weddings.

The buyout would need to pass at the general conference if it is to take effect.

How prepared is a new denomination?

According to UM News:

The traditionalist Wesleyan Covenant Association already has taken steps toward forming a new denomination, such as drafting a book of policies and doctrines. Bickerton and the Rev. Keith Boyette, WCA president, said the negotiating team’s assumption is that the new church would emerge out of the WCA.

Boyette was part of the group developing the proposal. He said traditionalists have long felt that divisions in The United Methodist Church were irreparable, and that an amicable separation was the best way forward.

It appears the more orthodox Methodist are already prepared, which would explain why their representatives would be a part of this proposal.

Should the orthodox Methodists take that deal?

This is similar struggle with Baptist, though decades ahead in terms of its apostasy. To start their new Methodist denomination, the churches would be given $25 million and a share of other resources. Churches abroad seem as though they have the ability to join, and pension plans do not seem as though they will be interrupted. The partition is favorable from a resource allocation standpoint. The $25 million can be used to organize the orthodox Methodist into a denomination and undermine the remaining United Methodist Church.

The UMC has a large portion of those in power who care not about preaching the Gospel and following God’s Word. So to consolidate with those who are more interested in the authority of Scripture is a better outcome.

At the same time the orthodox Methodists have a slight majority because of the African churches. This buyout is out of anger for defeat, nothing greater. They hate their fellow bishops and want them gone. They are emboldened by their anger, but perhaps it’s a display of desperation. The orthodox Methodists remaining in the denomination stick their fingers in the eye of the devil.

But the church is called to a mission of eternal importance: to baptize believers and make disciples. The calling of the Great Commission cannot be done with one hand trying to gouge the eyes of the devil while the other is jerking him. The Orthodox Methodist would be better served taking the buyout so that they can follow God uninterrupted by the Social Justice Gospel.


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  1. So once many of these splits occur, and as society accepts those religious groups that conform to the world, the orthodox groups refusing to conform will be viewed as radicals and not protected by the Constitution. They will finally be able to persecute the Church, as free speech will not include ‘hate speech’, and that’s what orthodox Christian doctrines will be called.

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