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DarkLinks 25: Tinslee Lewis, Todd Bentley, and Rosaria Butterfield

This edition of DarkLinks is very diverse in its subject matter. Last week, I published lessons learned from the WakeUpOlive fiasco about Bethel’s failed resurrection. So I begin this DarkLinks with a contrast with my colleague praying for healing in a godly way for Tinslee Lewis. This recognizes both God’s sovereignty and love. Next we move through Paige Patterson discussing fishers of men. Then we get a an update on Todd Bentley, the enscandaled faith healer. Next we get a column by Kira Davis on the UMC schism. I do not agree that race is the primary issue, but I argue in my video that this move was done out of anger and hatred. But it is worth recognizing how leftists feel about black voices when the black voices are theologically orthodox. We conclude with evidence that Rosaria Butterfield tampered with an audio tape expressing unbiblical veiws on gender and sexuality.

May God make Tinslee Lewis well

By JD Rucker @ NOQ Report

I’m not one who delves into the moral or even Biblical debate of extending life artificially. I generally believe that if a person is capable of being kept alive and not in excruciating pain, as long as they or their guardians want their lives to be maintained, so be it. God will call us all to the ground and then to judgment when it’s our time. Is it Tinslee Lewis’s time now? We have no way of knowing, but we do know this: Our prayers should be focused on her. She needs God’s blessing, and whether that comes in the form of being called home or living longer in this world, that’s His choice to make. All we can do, outside of handling the worldly aspects of legalities and healthcare, is pray that she is blessed by our Father.

I will pray for Tinslee Lewis to recover. Perhaps it’s too earthly of us to desire a positive outcome in this world. If God’s plan is to take her now, then she is already blessed. But the part of me attached to this world wants desperately for her to live, grow older, and know the love that has been sent her way since her birth.

If we can join in praying for Tinslee Lewis, I know our prayers will be heard. Whether she is taken to meet her Creator now or if she’s allowed to live in this world a bit longer, she should do so with our request for her to be blessed.


By Paige Patterson

“Follow Me” asserted Jesus, “and I will make you fishers of men” (Matt. 4:19). This suggests an obvious concern. Are people who do not become “fishers of men” following Christ? A second searching query follows. Why is the average church experiencing such a paucity of man-fishers? In short, why has The Great Commission of our Lord become an afterthought in the life of the contemporary congregation?


Todd Bentley Panel Releases Official Statement Today Declaring Him “Supernaturally Gifted by God”

By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte

Nevermind that Todd Bentley is a false teacher who blasphemes God on a daily basis, performs fake healings, and practices idolatry on a level not seen since biblical times. Nevermind all that stuff. It’s Todd Bentley’s sexual immorality that finally, finally, gets the man disqualified as a minister.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s gone. The fewer people he can lead astray, the better. Todd Bentley is not a Christian — I can emphatically say that without a doubt. He does not exemplify the fruits of the spirit. But worse, his theology is that of demons. Clearly so.

Michael Brown, the chief apologist for the modern-day heresy of Montanism, and a panel of other charismatic church leaders were tasked with investigating Todd Bentley’s qualification as a minister after it was exposed last year that Bentley had been regularly engaging in grossly immoral sexual behavior.

Today, Brown released an official statement from the panel disqualifying Bentley — thankfully so. However, this should have been done years, decades ago. It should not have taken this long to realize that Todd Bentley is not a minister of God, but of Satan. Sadly, Michael Brown and his crew — like all charismatics — lack any serious semblance of discernment and still hold that Todd Bentley is “supernaturally gifted by God.”


The United Methodist Church Split – Just Another Example of the Lies White Liberals Tell Themselves About Diversity

By Kira Davis @ RedState

The UMC has ultimately decided they cannot tolerate the African church holding all the power. Instead of submitting to the authority of their brethren and letting people choose to go or stay accordingly, they’re offering a bribe. They’re going to do what all white liberals do with those pesky black people who have the audacity to think for themselves…pretend they don’t exist.

Jordan Peele made an entire movie about these people. If you haven’t seen Get Out, please do.

I could go on, but it feels like the tone of this post is getting to be angrier than I intended it to be. All I’m really trying to express is that the liberal church – evangelical or mainline denomination – isn’t as liberal as they think they are. They are no more committed to diversity than the people they claim are the bigots. Diversity only works for them when it works for them. Otherwise, they are unwilling to even consider any thoughts, arguments or wisdom that black congregations have to offer. It is unthinkable.



By Pulpit & Pen

After Diane Gaskins’ excellent report exposing Rosaria Butterfield’s documented position on using preferred gender pronouns, she began to quietly and secretly delete sources referencing her position on the subject. We now have evidence of Butterfield editing audio of her more salacious and scandalous comments on the subject, but she hasn’t noted any changes. They have simply been shoved down the memory hole.


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