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What can church learn from the world?

I encourage you to watch this whole video by Jon Harris, an integral part of the Evangelical Dark Web and producer of the Enemies Within The Church documentary.

Jon responds to a few major articles talking about what the church can learn from (insert worldly idea) and breaks down the problem with this.


Churches should be studying and learning from Scripture not trying to get out of the world what is missing in their church. Jon does an excellent job of showing how this idea means that there is something missing in the church, and that thing, if biblical need not resort to a worldly concept to explain how it needs to be in the church. If the church needs something, the Bible has it. We need to be reminded that the Holy Spirit is the source of real growth for the church. We also need to be reminded that God does the saving, and if its not us individually, He will find another way. This both takes the burden off of ourselves and reminds us that we get to be a part of God’s ordained method here on earth. With this in mind, there is sufficiency in Scripture to learn what the church needs and to a large degree how to implement it. We need not borrow so much from the world, especially sources of sin.


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