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Beth Moore attacks discernment on social media. I wonder why…

On the upcoming release of her new book, Beth Moore took to Twitter on January 28, 2019 to lob an attack from on her high platform at those beneath her who criticize her and her teachings. Calling criticism slander, Beth Moore took an elitist tone towards the “tens of thousands” of people who on social media have the same capacity, though not the same reach, to speak as she herself does.

beth moore discernment attack

What’s ironic, though not really, is that Beth Moore is accusing others of what she is doing. She feels affirmed when she accuses. She slanders the brethren as fundamentalists, those unable to differentiate between primary and tertiary issues, for adhering to biblical orthodoxy when she is making it obvious has noticeably deviated from orthodoxy she is believed to have held by championing the Social Justice Gospel and numerous false teachers.

This tweet is bait for her critics, like ourselves. This tweet is a reply although not direct to her critics. It’s exactly the same behavior we saw when Richard Caldwell strawmanned discernment blogs. These people do not name names, keeping their words broad. They do not want to empower the discerning believers, the Evangelical Dark Web as we refer to those tens of thousands who because of the internet can compete in the arena of theological debate with the Lifeway Queen herself. Because of such amenities, we can call out and call out effectively the strange doctrines and heterodox behavior of the elitists in Big Eva. And they cannot seem to help themselves by hiding their disdain for discernment.

She calls us slanderers, but we have a evidence on Beth Moore as part of our Discernment ministry. This verdict is well documented on why we should avoid Beth Moore’s teachings falling just shy of pronouncing her as a false teacher or heretic, but noting that her behavior and ambiguity renders her unqualified for ministry.

I want to finish off with a bit of hope. The backlash from Beth Moore is reactive, not preemptive. This means that she has taken damage and is returning fire. When President Trump ordered the attack on the Iranian General, the Iranians were too cowardly to go to war, so they orchestrated a show attack, knowing that they have been bested. The situations are not all identical, though the concepts are the same. There’s a persistent pattern within Big Eva to not name names because they know that if they do it will not end well. Social media has left many elites exposed and information travels fast online. If they attack, say Capstone Report to use a recent example, they know we will rally behind Capstone Report. And that’s exactly what Big Eva does not want, especially as sites like the ones we promote in DarkLinks are thriving. So they want to harm us without confrontation.


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