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January 2020 EDW Report

January by every metric was our best month ever as we continue to grow. We shattered our goal and surpassed what would have been the following goal.

Quick Stats

Setbacks and Feats

The month went smoothly as we were on pace to exceed our goals early. The only real setback was the decline of growth in Australia. Otherwise, we are experiencing tremendous growth we hope to be able to sustain. And should this continue we will surpass some major evangelical establishment in no time.

Video Content

Our video on the Methodist church reached 1800 views bringing in the handful of subscribers to our YouTube channel. The article likewise brought in a ton on traffic to the site. Much of this was accomplished through my ties with NOQ Report. Then we released our review on Messiah exclusively in video form. The initial views were disappointing but the longevity of the views it currently receives is what I was looking for. Many people on YouTube search for reviews of shows, and this is a way we can reach people and engage the culture in a theologically sound way. Messiah was a depiction of Biblical eschatology, and it was held to the same standard as I would hold any other film. In the future, this will be done with other Christian media as opposed to secular media. It is also possible Christianity Visualized will tackle the theological concepts found in great films and shows for the purpose of apologetics and engaging the culture. Or perhaps we will line up interviews.

Added Pages

This month we added the Theological Hierarchy we addressed adding in the past. This is our view on what is an issue of primary, secondary, or tertiary concern. This enables our Discernment ministry to be more transparent and objective. Our request a verdict page saw some action and we discerned the ministry of Larry Osborne in what seems like the longest page on our site. We also added a page for Answered Verdicts Requests. In addition to Osborne, we also compiled evidence of John Pavlovitz’s heresy. We didn’t add as many verdicts as we’d like, but we compensated with more exhaustive evidence. You can now submit an article, tip, and whistleblow here.

What’s Coming Up?

Well, we finally added the Theological Hierarchy last month. But we still need to add out statement of faith, which would be our commitment to transparency. Hopefully the aforementioned page that we did add is a good indication of what we believe, most specifically as it relates to primary theological issues.

This month will have a greater emphasis on abolishing abortion, combating the influence of Paula White, and producing brief impactful video content. There are a few discernment verdicts we also want to do. No spoilers, but we do have another reader request.


Anyway, that’s a quick rundown of our best month yet.


Soli Deo Gloria,




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