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DarkLinks 31: Mobilization of Big Eva

The articles for this edition of DarkLinks are a bit scattered on their timeline. We’ve been sitting on them for days, but a coherent theme seemed to emerge after the Superbowl exited the news cycle. Big Eva is on the move. We first start off with an ERLC fellow joining Beth Moore in condemning littler voices of orthodoxy on social media, a common theme so far in 2020. Then we have an article from Capstone Report on Al Mohler’s endorsement infrastructure. But we wanted to highlight the ethical questions he raises. Next we join Reformation Charlotte in speaking out against political hackery, when its on the side we generally favor. And lastly we conclude with an update on Ed Stertzer who ran Lifeway into the ground. Big Eva always seems to have a place to fail upwards.



By Pulpit & Pen

As Kidd, like Beth Moore, tweets exceedingly liberal garbage-thoughts, he gets pummeled in social media. Even on Twitter, which attracts a far higher percentage of liberals than Facebook (conservatives value long-form expression while liberals flock to the truncated platform that Twitter offers), these outspoken leftists get pushback. And they hate pushback.

Inside the ivory towers of the Evangelical Intelligentsia, there is no real pushback against dumb ideas. This accounts for Christianity Today editor, Mark Galli, saying he didn’t know a single Trump supporter. The Russell Moore/Beth Moore/Mark Galli/Thomas Kidd “types” have a hot contempt for regular Christians who don’t buy their liberal propositions.


SBC Elites campaign for Albert Mohler

By Capstone Report

If the SBC Elites who promote Woke Social Justice also promote Albert Mohler, then what does that tell you about Albert Mohler? He will continue the leftward slide of the SBC.

Should Southern Baptists tolerate those paid by the Convention to tamper with the political process?

Is it moral to have a seminary president involved in the appointment process of the trustees? Trustees who, at least on paper, are the seminary president’s boss?

The Southern Baptist College of Cardinals? Should  CP-funded Elites influence the SBC Presidential Election?


SBC Megachurch Replaces Sunday Morning Preaching of Christ with Interview of Former White House Press Secretary

By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte

Nothing gives ammunition to the social justice progressive wing of Evangelicalism — who continually tirades against conservatives for throwing support behind Trump — more than the actions of right-wing Evangelical political hacks like Robert Jeffress. In fact, the Evangelical left thrives off of tying all conservatives to the idolatrous right-wing movement of people like Jeffress who, for all intents and purposes, spends more time deifying Trump than he does Jesus Christ — at least in public.



By Pulpit & Pen

Ed Stetzer, the disgraced former Lifeway executive who knowingly sold false Heaven Tourism books before being publicly exposed by Alex Malarkey, is now at the center of the leftist movement within evangelicalism. He’s now using hard-core leftist lady-preachers like Christine Caine and homosexuals like Wesley Hill to infiltrate Wheaton College, which now employs him.

Wesley Hill is a homosexual who publicly opposed the ‘Nashville Statement,’ which attempted (but largely fell short due to not condemning Same-Sex Attraction, although it did condemn Same-Sex behavior) to defend a Biblical view of human sexuality. Hill, who is gay, said the document is “antagonistic to the gospel” by opposing homosexual actions so straightforwardly.


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3 Responses

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to read all of the stuff linked on this page. And I’m lazy, so I’m going to ask a question that I hope someone here (kinda lonely since this is the only comment) can probably answer quicker than I can ask it.

    While researching a curfuffle a few years ago at Eskine in South Carolina in which a faculty member was being disciplined for not adhering to the doctrinal statement he signed, I came across a story which I believe was about how Albert Mohler became president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

    If memory serves, and obviously it isn’t serving me well, the seminary was taking a left turn back then. A group of men decided that they wouldn’t allow that so they began to “infiltrate” the committee structure of the Southern Baptist Convention and eventually rose to the level where they could select the next SBTS president.

    They chose Albert Mohler, who then simply told the faculty, “Sign and follow the doctrinal statement or resign.”

    That apparently “cleaned” things up. The seminary and SBC were saved from the “left turn.”

    Is my memory correct?

    Fast forward to today. What the hell happened? Is the SBC turning “left” again?

    I have been casually following Trevin Wax for several years. Not too long ago he “disappeared” for a bit, I believe to finish a doctorate or something. When he came back, all his blog headlines were filled with Social Justice Warrior mumbo jumbo. Do you know who he is? I haven’t read enough of his “new” stuff to really discern if the mumbo jumbo is actually Leftist ideology or just a bunch of new words he learned.

    I’m a graduate of Biola College (last class while it was a college). I predicted that when they brought in Student Affairs people that graduated from Azua Pacific that the school would go to hell in a handbasket in short order. I was sadly correct. The next year President Chase had the thankless task of telling us about a drug and prostitution ring being run out of the men’s dorms. Soon after they brought in the Rosemead Graduate School of Psychology and the slippery slope was greased with grade 1 oil.

    Currently, the jury is out on Talbot for me. I run across JP Moreland and one other professor that seem to be “redefining” Dispensationalism. Some of their teachings sound a bit on the “edge”. (Note: I reject Dispensationalism. How many times do they get to make wrong predictions before they are declared false prophets? But that is another discussion.)

    Thanks for taking the time to write this blog.

    1. I can’t say for certain if your memory of events from the mid 1990s is correct, but you certainly see a reliance on faith statements today. Karen Swallow Prior is an example. She was quoting Matt Vines (obvious heretic) in a book affirming his faith and endorsed the Revoice Conference, but because she also signed the Nashville Statement and the BFM 2000, there’s no issue according to the higher ups. The over-reliance on faith statements allows wolves to remain.

  2. Ah, I’ve looked over the page again and the above comment was in response to Dark Links 31. I don’t come to your website very often so I’m a bit confused about the format. I usually find the posts in the WordPress app.

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