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The real fight to be had is not halftime shows

The Super Bowl seemed to have occupied much of our ally publications. So let’s take the time to give our take on that. Yes, it is distasteful to have children on stage next to pole dancers. And despite the hypersexualization, it wasn’t really a sexy or well done show. It will get remembered but not for the intended reasons. It may cause the NFL/Pepsi to play it safe next year, but don’t hold your breath. I guess the only point to raise a week later is the fact that we are worked up about something that happened on national television, but this is coming to a neighborhood near you.

Over the past two years, we have seen the homosexual/transvestite movement specifically target children in public schools and public libraries. They invite transvestites to teach kids that their bodies are sexual objects. In addition to indoctrinating children with sinful lifestyles, there is also a component of grooming children as future sexual partners or objects that cannot be ignored. In the video below, we see a slip up of honesty from one of the pedophiles involved.

And yes that is to say that transvestites who want to sexualize themselves around small children, teaching them to twerk or (accidentally?) showing their balls, are inherently pedophiles.

Yeah the Super Bowl halftime show is a major event in television. But it is easier to confront and more distant from the homes and the souls of our children. It’s easier to protect your children or teach against it. The real fight to be had is closer than you think. It’s local. It’s personal. There may in fact be parent in your church who go to those things. Super Bowl halftime shows are once a year, but the real culture battle to be fought is closer and more intimate.


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