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Southern Baptists to rally ahead of SBC2020 to fight Social Justice Gospel

This summer in Orlando, Florida, the balance of the Southern Baptist Convention hangs in the hands of the messengers. In 2019. the Southern Baptist Convention allowed Critical Race Theory to be used as an analytics tool, establishing a beachhead for heresy. But there are Southern Baptists looking to reverse the trend. The Tennessee Baptist Convention formally condemned Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality. And Founders Ministry dropped the By What Standard documentary. The war for the soul of the Southern Baptist Convention is underway, and the orthodox will want to seize control in SBC2020 to prevent another JD Greear from helming the convention. Alex McFarland looks to be an ally in this cause.

OneNewsNow Reports

Southern Baptist pastor and Christian apologist Dr. Alex McFarland is planning the rally, to be held in the 2,000-seat auditorium at the Holy Land Theme Park in Orlando on the Saturday night before the big SBC gathering. He’s concerned with a leftward drift in the denomination over the past several years – specifically among those he says sit in an “ivory tower” and are contributing to what he calls “the pulpit/pew divide.”

“There have been more and more – in what I would call in the ivory tower of the seminaries, the denominational hierarchy, and leaders of LifeWay – who I think have drunk some of the liberal/progressive Kool-Aid,” he tells OneNewsNow.

Specifically, last year’s adoption of Resolution 9, allowing the use of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality as analytical tools to be used in racial reconciliation efforts.

“Among other things, Resolution 9 was an endorsement of something called ‘Critical Race Theory’ [which] basically says America is inherently racist, white people are irrevocably, inherently racist,” the apologist explains.

What this means, we cannot fully say. Does this means that Randy Adams will be our champion for the SBC Presidency? Or will the scope be more focused on combating Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality rather than those who want to embed it in the church. And how does the movement feel about Al Mohler. Lot’s of questions. But organizing will be key to securing the doctrine of the church.


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