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DarkLinks 33: Grassroots reactions to Conservative Baptist Network

Last week the Conservative Baptist Network was formed, sending shockwaves in the embattled Southern Baptist Convention prior to what is increasingly looking like a high contentious convention in Orlando this summer. This was just after the announcement of Hosanna Wong and other poor invite choices for the SBCPC, however this was not in response to these events. The Conservative Baptist Network looks to fight a phase two of the Conservative Resurgence or Baptist Reformation and is creating a banner like minded Christians to gather under. This edition of DarkLinks has a theme of grassroots reactions to the CBN.


EXPLAINER: 5 things you should know about the Conservative Baptist Network

By Capstone Report

     5. The Conservative Baptist Network is growing…fast.

The Conservative Baptist Network is growing at an unbelievable pace. The group surged to 800 churches involved in the first three hours after the announcement of the group’s formation. And by Saturday, the Conservative Baptist Network announced it had surged to over 2,000 signed up to join.



By Pulpit & Pen

The time has come for ordinary Southern Baptists to acknowledge that the Southern Baptist Convention has been overtaken by forces far more left than those who held the reigns prior to the Conservative Resurgence. The leaders of that movement in the 1980s would not be able to fathom the leftward drift of the SBC or the betrayal of conservatism at the hands of Albert Mohler and other once-conservative leaders.


Group of Southern Baptists Roll Out New “Conservative Baptist Network” to Oppose Social Justice Movement

By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte

Jurkovich said he was concerned that by walking away from the denomination, churches would be handing “billions of dollars of assets, and mission passion and evangelism strategy over to ideologies that will lead this convention into irrelevancy.”


Conservative So. Baptists planning to ‘show up, take control

By Steve Jordahl @ One News Now

There’s been talk of a boycott of this summer’s Annual Meeting, but Pastor Sam Bunnell of South Reno Baptist Church in Nevada doesn’t think that’s a good idea.

“I think the answer is not to boycott, but to show up and take control back of the denomination. It happened in 1985,” he notes.


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