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Christian activist, Philip Haney, murdered

It became news over the weekend that Philip Haney was found dead in his home. Haney is most widely known for being a DHS whistleblower during the Obama administration. Unfortunately what is lesser known is that Philip Haney was a devout Christian who was active in fighting the Social Justice Gospel and Islam.

Haney is a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security and a Islamic terrorism expert. His whistlebowing certainly earned him some enemies, as well as his stance against Islam. After the 2015 Paris attacks he wrote a scathing critique of the Obama administration’s capitulation to Islamic terrorist in how President Obama erroneously asserted that the Islamic State had naught to do with Islam. He and Art Moore wrote a book on it. According to a colleague of mine, he was in the process of writing another book on the subject.

But going back to his faith, in addition to being an expert in all things related to his former career, he was part of the mission to drive a false gospel out of the church. He has worked with the Enemies Within The Church project, speaking at their event, the Stand Against Marxism Conference, headlined by Steve Deace and Janet Mefferd. Given his devout faith, it’s highly unlikely that he killed himself. The Amador County Sheriff’s office unconfirmed the notion that Philip Haney killed himself, leaving the cause of death, a mystery for the time being, but just like how I do not believe Jeffrey Epstein kill himself, I do not buy for a second that Philip Haney did. These are corrupt times, and the corrupt have been quite bold with their actions.

While we lose a valuable ally in the fight against Social Justice in the church, the good news in all of this is that Philip Haney knew Christ prior to his tragic death.

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