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DarkLinks 36: Butterfield’s lack of credibility on intersectionality, Greear’s ‘dialog’

This Edition of DarkLinks serves to buy me time while I work on a video that will drop along with a verdict. However, there was a convenient overflow of articles I wanted to share and comment. We start off with a longer piece about Rosaria Butterfield playing both sides of the CRT/I issue. This article serves as a warning about someone who is not denouncing their previous support of a heretical worldview, and therefore cannot be trusted in their words of denouncement. Next we cover Tim Challies appearing to adopt The Gospel Coalition‘s heterodoxy. Then we have two articles from Capstone Report about JD Greear’s interfaith dialog with an Islamist. From the quoted material I have seen from the dialog, it appears that Greear presented the Gospel from a stance of ideological weakness, embracing critical theory. Lastly we end on an article I’ve been wanting to share for a few DarkLinks now about why a colleague of mine keeps the Sabbath even while working in media, despite holding an orthodox worldview.



By Hiram Diaz III @ Pulpit & Pen

While “Intersectionality and the Church” rightly identifies intersectionality as incompatible with the Christian faith, it nevertheless affirms concepts that are indispensable to intersectionality. Not only this, but Butterfield’s last major publication affirms these concepts, as well as others which her latest article prima facie rejects (e.g. racial, heterosexual privilege). “Intersectionality and the Church” is a helpful article not because it reveals truths about intersectionality, but because it reveals Butterfield’s true colors.


Tim Challies Says “Gay Christianity” Isn’t Already Solved, Compromises on “Same-Sex Attraction” Sin

By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte

I want to be careful enough to extend enough grace to Tim Challies on this issue as Challies, over the years, has not shown himself to be a serial compromiser. However, it is abundantly clear that Challies’ involvement with The Gospel Coalition has influenced his views on same-sex attraction and “gay Christianity.”

Speaking during a Q&A session recently, Challies was asked his thoughts on “gay Christianity” and what repentance would look like. Challies responded, admitting that he was not fully answering the question, and said that it is unrealistic to expect that the church is going to solve this issue immediately.


Southern Baptists must investigate, censure J.D. Greear

By Capstone Report

That was certainly his posture during the dialogue with the Anti-Israel Imam. Greear talked about white, Christian privilege.

“I’m not trying to just be politically correct; I do understand that for an American Christian, particularly a white Christian, that there is still a heritage and a place of privilege that I would have in this culture,” Greear said.

White. Christian. Privilege.

Need more proof that the bitter fruits of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality are everywhere in the SBC Elite?


Matt Chandler called Anti-Israel Imam ‘Good People’

By Capstone Report

Janet Mefferd Show highlighted problematic comments made by Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear during Monday’s broadcast.

Southern Baptist Convention President J.D. Greear revealed a friendship between Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) mega-church pastor Matt Chandler and the Anti-Israel Imam Omar Suleiman. Greear shared the stage with the Muslim cleric during an interfaith dialogue last Thursday evening at North Carolina State University. Greear encouraged Christians to fight for religious liberty and become friends with Muslims.


Why I take the sabbath off even though I’m not a 7th Day Adventist or Hebrew Roots guy

By JD Rucker @ NOQ Report

I’m just a Bible-believing Christian. I don’t adhere to any particular denomination. I don’t go to a traditional church. My wife and I do Bible study, listen to a wide variety of sermons and Bible teachers, and we keep the sabbath. But we’re not Seventh Day Adventists nor part of the Hebrew Roots movement. Both have some good teachings. Both have some that we consider to be heretical.

We’re just Christians, and as such we believe in the validity of the whole Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Part of this belief centers on a truth that the Ten Commandments are eternal, including the commandment regarding the sabbath day.


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