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DarkLinks 37: False prophets and coronavirus

The Wuhan Coronavirus has exposed many false teachers in how they shut down their faith healing events so easily in light of the coronavirus. This has not stopped others, even these same people, from making ridiculous statements and false claims of prophesies in relation to coronavirus. This themed edition of DarkLinks tackles bad teaching on the coronavirus. We begin with a Pulpit and Pen article that links to the database they are collecting on false teachers trying to capitalize off of coronavirus. We also feature a warning against those who would use the virus to advance the Social Justice Gospel in the church. We feature a glimmer of hope from JD Rucker who wrote a piece similar to my own. And lastly we have a followup on Andy Stanley because there’s plenty of material that did not make our video.


Charismatics Spread False Rumor that Chuck Pierce Prophesied Coronavirus (He Did Not)

By Pulpit & Pen

So far we have, Bethel’s affiliated pastor, Shawn Bolz, declared a prophecy that God had ended the virus. Perhaps Bethel didn’t get the memo. Rodney Howard Browne promised to bind coronavirus from the United States (again, it’s growing), Jim Bakker claimed his venereal disease ointment also heals coronavirus, and Rick Wiles claimed Christians are immune altogether. Pat Robertson claimed his gut-health booklet will make you immune. A charismatic prophet from New Zealand claimed that all Christians were immune. Another prophet declared that Republican states were immune. Perry Stone says coronavirus is a Satanic scheme to help socialism. Kenneth Copeland said that touching his oily hand through the television would heal coronavirus. Lou Engle has told his followers that a three-day fast can cure coronavirus (health experts say that lowers the immune system). And one charismatic prophet claimed that a potential vaccine would be the Mark of the Beast. And a charismatic prophet interprets his dream to mean that coronavirus is trying to sabotage President Trump. And this Bethel prophetess claims that she decreed and declared coronavirus away from the world for good. Also, this charismatic prophet says coronavirus would disappear if China would grant religious freedom to Christians (why America is getting now is anybody’s guess). Rodney Howard Browne then discouraged people from taking any forthcoming vaccines because he said it’s a globalist plot to kill people.


Evangelical Elites Exploiting the Coronavirus to Promote Social Justice

By Capstone Report

There is nothing wrong with helping those in need.

In fact, we should help those struggling. This pandemic is a time for the church to step up and help. Christians have a long history of establishing hospitals and giving aid to everyone. The Romans complained that Christians not only helped their own sick and needy but were helping the sick and needy among the pagans. It was a great apologetic and evangelistic tool.

So, helping our community is good.

But we can help the community without the ideas and concepts of the Social Justice movement. Notice how identity politics poisons everything.


Even with the coronavirus, there is hope

By JD Rucker @ NOQ Report

That’s the hope that’s within us, but there’s an even greater hope that must shine through. I am a Bible-believing, sinful man, but I know there is an eternal hope that covers me. I do not fear the coronavirus, nor do I fear the turmoil that will arise if we do not get a handle on this soon. If this coronavirus gets out of control despite our best efforts as individuals within the greatest nation in the world, then it was meant be. And therein lies the greatest hope that’s within us. The end is a new beginning for those who believe on Jesus Christ and repent for our sins. Even as we fight for this world, for our nation, for our family, and for ourselves, we mustn’t forget that no matter how bad it gets, we have wonders ahead of us that will make the pain and suffering of this world obsolete.


Andy Stanley Says God Loves You More Than He Loves Himself, Compares God’s Laws to Toys

By Jeff Maples @ Reformation Charlotte

The historic Church has always understood that God’s purpose in creation was His own glory and that the chief end of man was to glorify God. Instead, Andy Stanley says that instead of us being created for God, God is here for us. Stanley has shown himself to hate God’s law and the Scriptures are clear that those who hate God’s law actually hate God (Romans 3:31Titus 2:11-12Matthew 5:17-19, etc.).



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