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Conversations That Matter: What happened at FBC Naples

The grassroots of Christianity rallied behind the orthodox members of FBC Naples when they rejected Marcus Hayes to be their pastor over his social justice and procedural concerns. This church was then maligned by Big Eva for racism which has since never been proven. Jon Harris breaks down what happened at FBC Naples. He also gives some important updates that are new to myself. Among the updates were that the church is relying on interim pastors, meaning in this instance someone would be acting as a pastor for serious compensation without having a vote. Yes, interim pastors happen and are necessary, but they are bringing in “celebrity” pastors without intention of having a vote in the near future for a permanent pastor. This is the unethical line crossed.

So I recommend watching this video. If not than read the two links above to catch up on most of the same details about the story and consider how this identity politics will spread to infect more churches in the United States and beyond.


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