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Jon Harris delivers crushing message on masculinity amidst coronavirus

When God created the heavens and the earth, he did so with so that man may not be idle, instead having dominion over the earth to give glory to Him. The coronavirus has upended our economy, and many now rely on the government to compensate them for the wages they were forced by said government to forego.

There are two emasculine responses to the coronavirus and subsequent quarantining. The first is hysteria. As children of God, we have no cause to buy into the panic. This is not our eschatology. I previously wrote on why the Christian has naught to fear in this plague. For a Christian to buy into the hysteria would be to place more faith in human institutions like the Imperial College than an almighty God. As men we are to be the spiritual head of the household. Therefore, we cannot afford to waste away worrying over that which we cannot control.

The second ill response is laziness. This would entail relying on a bailout. This would mean days spent bringing Netflix. This response is pure sloth, and sloth is the opposite of masculinity. In Genesis we see that man is to have dominion over the earth, and Eve was to help Adam. From the beginning, man’s existence was meant for work. The servant who buried his talent was deemed wicked by the master. God does not give us resources for us to do nothing with. Jon Harris does a great job of articulating solutions to the problem of being forced to not work by the government.

The Bible articulates what it means to be a man and work is a central element to masculinity.


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