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April 2020 EDW Report

Every month, in providing transparency to our readers about our progress and direction, as well as things that are coming. Today we are reporting that April was our best month ever according to every metric. We were able to build upon trends from the March with regards to search engine optimization. We were also able to provide information to the multitudes who looked up Michael Todd who went viral last late April for resetting his “Relationship Goals” series prior to his book release.

Quick Stats

Video Content Lessons

In April, we took a different approach to our video content. We produced more pop culture related content with launching our Theology Of video series where we explore the theology espoused in various pop culture elements. We began with the Pixar trailer for their upcoming movie Soul We then did a movie review based on the past release of Risen. These videos didn’t perform as well as our discernment themed videos, but we still value this content for outreach purposes. There are endless possibilities for going down that road. However our next video will likely target the Prosperity Gospel. It’s also worth celebrating that the top three videos, though the same three as the previous month, all had more views than the previous month.

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Site Changes

As you have probably noticed reading this the site has undergone some cosmetic changes with font and colors. We wanted to be more readable based on feedback and we also want to look as reputable as we can. Before our font was more thematic, but now we aim for professional.

More With Less

In April, we wrote fewer articles than we have in several months, but saw consistent traffic despite the lack of new content. This is good. It means we on’t have to fish for stories, and we can stay within our core competency for growth. The verdicts are gaining a lot of SEO traction. It’s a slow or repetitive time in news, so this great for providing stable traffic during these trying times. We just experienced more success with less work in one sense because the work we did was better.

Discernment Update

The verdicts that you ask for have quickly become the bread and butter. There is now a backlog of requests. With that said, we do want to honor them but some simply don’t fall within the rules. In case this is you, let me provide the response to them now.

One of the request, Marcus Rogers, is a speaker without a church and a few thousand followers on Twitter. Not big enough and would count as obscure for the time being. Another one I got was Sadie Robertson. She’s not a TEACHER. She’s a celebrity. There is a difference, as celebrities are not held to the same standard as teachers. We have covered the actions of celebrities that we disagreed with and will do so in the event that Sadie Robertson does, but otherwise this is for teacher.

Prosperity Gospel Emphasis

Because of the search and social media traffic we received for our verdict on Michael Todd, we have placed more emphasis on the Prosperity Gospel.  We debuted our Prosperity Gospel white paper which is an in depth deep dive into this false teaching. We will produce more content to combat this false gospel.


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