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Update: 2 SBTS professors to refuse NDA

A few weeks ago, we reported on Al Mohler’s Southern Baptist Theological Seminary firing four of its most prominent theologically conservative professors. We address how an NDA was to be signed if they were to get any severance, and we pointed to a fundraiser to assist any professor who would blow the whistle on any wrongdoing occurring at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. It appears some important updates are underway for this story.

A quick recap is necessary. The viral article by Jon Harris broke the story stating:

Yesterday, in an unprecedented move, Albert Mohler, the president of the Southern Baptist’s flagship seminary in Louisville, KY, fired four of the remaining conservative professors at the institution. Russell FullerTheodore CabalKen Magnuson, and Jim Orrick (who taught at Boyce College) were all terminated by provost Matthew Hall.  The seminary offered salary and benefits through July on the condition that non-disclosure agreements, requiring the withholding of potentially damaging information concerning the seminary and firing process, would be signed within forty-five days.

Russell Fuller became the only full-time Southern Baptist professor to sign the Dallas Statement on Social Justice one year ago. Critic of “New Calvinism,” Jim Orrick, along with Cabal, and Magnuson have all stood against the advance New Liberalism at the school. However, that resistance comes to an end today as the board of trustees almost unanimously voted for their termination in support of Albert Mohler’s plan to cut cost during the Covid-19 quarantine.

It appears that Russell Fuller and Jim Orrick are refusing to sign their NDAs. The news was made evident by crowdfunding sources indicating that the two would refuse the NDA. Evangelical Dark Web promoted Cody Libolt’s campaign and staying true to his word, Libolt directed all funds to Tom Ascol’s crowdfunding campaign to help the two men recover some severance. We would further endorse this campaign which has raised over $6000 to date including the $1160 raised by Libolt’s campaign.

Russell Fuller is one of the most highly respected professors in his field, and appears to be going hard after Al Mohler, which we will provide more commentary on later. But for now the stroy is that two of the professors are refusing, and from here, things could get a lot more interesting.


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