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Transformation Church caught removing Prosperity Gospel faith statement from website

Transformation Church may be one of the most influential churches in America in the years to come. It’s dynamic pastor, Michael Todd, is one of the most trendy pastors on social media. This led to a reader-requested verdict on Michael Todd which concluded that he was a preacher of the Prosperity Gospel based on the stated beliefs of Transformation Church which boasted an aggressive Prosperity Gospel. This would change when the verdict on Michael Todd became the most read article on Evangelical Dark Web and so far in May, the page that previously had Transformation Church’s statement of faith was the most clicked on external link.

But since the time of publish, originally March, Transformation Church has removed its statement of faith from its website. The statement of faith had contained the Prosperity Gospel

Transformation Church prosperity gospel
As quoted in “Is Michael Todd a false teacher?”

The current website does not contain a statement of faith. This comes at a time when Transformation Church would be relying on online traffic during COVID-19. However, it also comes at a time when Michael Todd is releasing a book on his sermon series “Relationship Goals” that went viral. The verdict on Michael Todd appears on the first page of Google in the various ways his name is searched, according to screenshots below and Evangelical Dark Web‘s Google search performance.

Michael Todd search
Search: Michael Todd
Mike Todd search
Search: Mike Todd

The success of the verdict has likely gotten the attention of the prosperity preacher who has since removed the linked page from his church’s website. However online archives have saved the page containing the heretical statement of faith. See for yourself here.

Transformation Church archived prosperity gospel statement of faith June 2018

The removal of a heretical statement of faith after being exposed as a Joel Osteen like figure is a bit of a coverup in the face of higher theological scrutiny Michael Todd has perhaps not seen before.


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