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Al Mohler

Dr. Russell Fuller: Al Mohler supports Critical Race Theory

The third and final installment of Dr. Russell Fuller’s interview with Jon Harris muddies Al Mohler, once seen as a bulwark of theological conservatism. The third installment details Fuller whistleblowing on Al Mohler’s support of Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality.

Fuller details the behind the scenes happenings of Al Mohler propping up the heretical ideology of Critical Race Theory and details a climactic tantrum of Al Mohler where he repeatedly attacks the character of Dr. Fuller in front of his colleagues.

Dr. Fuller also details why he believes Jarvis William’s view of racial reconciliation is a false gospel.

While one side’s story sounds true until you here another, it’s important to note that one side gave up severance in order to tell the story while the other side initially sought a gag order.


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