The Wire – McNulty’s Worldview Change

HBO’s The Wire is one of the best television shows ever made, detailing the city of Baltimore, Maryland. It’s deeply flawed characters help create the sense of realism in the show. It’s main protagonist Jimmy McNulty has one of the riskiest character arcs ever, in terms of writers being able to pull it off successfully, thus enabling them to wrap up the show nicely.

The irony of this HBO show is that it’s so realistic, it ultimately affirms a biblical worldview, one of total depravity, where no one is truly good or without need of a savior. While this is not the explicit messaging, the willingness for honest storytelling is a great contributor to the show’s prestige. And it’s doubtful a show like this could be pulled off in present day, especially since much of HBO’s storytelling ability has succumbed to political correctness.

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