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Babylon Bee triggers all the right people with Chick-Fil-A post

What makes Babylon Bee, not only funny, but transcendent is their willingness to target people on their side viciously. President Trump isn’t immune from being made fun of and neither is Chick-Fil-A, the number one “Christian” brand. But this merger of corporate America with Christianity has dissipated over the last few years. After 2012, Chick-Fil-A divested its giving from politically incorrect Christian organizations, instead choosing the least offensive causes. But this came to a halt in 2019 when Chick-Fil-A decided to end its relationships with Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the nominally Christian, Salvation Army. Instead they redirected funds to Covenant House International, a social justice embracing organization founded by a pedophile. Covenant House also sponsors drag queen story hour, promoting both pedophilia. The Babylon Bee went hard on Chick-Fil-A accordingly.

But we later found out Chick-Fil-A donated to the anti-Christian organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center. This eliminates any reasonable doubt that Chick-Fil-A has abandoned its Christian values, while still maintaining  the facade with contemporary worship instrumental playing in their stores. During this time, Dan Cathy maintained that the company he manages still believes in its values. Recently, Dan Cathy got down on video to shine the (supposedly) Christian rapper, Lecrae’s shoes, claiming he felt convicted to do it because of racism.

The Babylon Bee published this headline on Juneteenth: Chick-Fil-A Now Open On Sunday But Only For Black People.

The Babylon Bee not only upset people idolize Chick-Fil-A, they went after the biggest idol in our society: the Social Justice Gospel.

The proponents of said gospel voiced their frustrations:

It’s worth noting that Darling is an ERLC alum.

This evangelical check mark feels entitled to an apology.

Seth Dillon over at Babylon Bee explained on Twitter:

Woke whites are actually doing this cringeworthy stuff. We’re simply highlighting the absurdity and offensiveness of racial pandering driven by white guilt. It’s the real world behavior this satire is based on — not our critical highlighting of it — that’s tasteless/racist.

This was not an apology as the Babylon Bee has no intentions of taking this article down. The Babylon Bee also posted the video of Cathy’s shoe shine to proved further context, but the shibboleth of the goats was is unmoved.

Satire is supposed to sting. And in this case, the satire both stings and contends for the faith. Well done, Babylon Bee.


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