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June 2020 EDW Report

I would love to report that June was our best month ever setting three consecutive months of consecutive growth, but this would not be accurate. However, despite not exceeding the month of May, June proved to maintain the level of growth achieved. This is good news. For each time we hit a growth spurt, we aren’t falling back down to previous levels.

June was a bit scattered. Evangelical Dark Web published 14 posts, the most since March, and there was a lot of different areas covered. We continued our coverage of the SBC battle front with updates on the Conservative Baptist Network. There was heavy focus on Chick-Fil-A and Dan Cathy’s racism. The biggest target in contending for the faith proved to be the Social Justice Gospel. To say that this alternate religion has run rampant is understating its influence in our society.

Quick Stats

YouTube Channel

The YouTube Channel is going to be increasingly integrated with the site and its mission. There will be an upcoming announcement on that, and hopefully a corresponding video. In June, there were 4 videos published, the most in one month by our channel. The channel had its best month ever and three of the four videos put out seem like they have good viewership trajectory. Your subscription on YouTube would be greatly appreciated.

Social Justice Gospel

This false gospel will need to be expounded upon. I will want to write a lot more on it, similar to the white paper level writing on the Prosperity Gospel. Other topics worth writing on are critical race theory. But for now, I will write a rebuttal to a post by Summit Church.


Discernment is the bread and butter of Evangelical Dark Web. We only worked on Dharius Daniels in June. We aren’t in the process of a new verdict currently, despite the large amount of verdict requests we received. It’s unfortunate but research is time consuming. I want to organize the current requests to better target the desires of you, the readers. I will hopefully publish a followup to this soon.

As you will notice, we are republishing past Discernment pieces as posts instead of pages to hopefully improve their SEO. Expect this on a routine basis until we run out.

Professional Growth

As far as June went for myself, this was a very successful month for my writing. Some of the articles published here are also published on NOQ Report and the same content was receiving a ton of publicity. The founder of Babylon Bee even followed me on Twitter. So, if this trajectory continues, perhaps this type of mission work could be my vocation. I already have a calling to ministerial capacity, which I’ll write about in greater detail eventually, and this along with the now integrated YouTube channel are my means now for what God eventually has in store for my life. Right now, Evangelical Dark Web is two years behind NOQ Report (as in where they were two years ago) which is in a highly competitive arena of conservative news and commentary. We are more niche and our SEO is really good. But I believe it is more about who reads you than how many. Take Jon Harris, who with less than ten thousand subscribers on YouTube can effectively dictate the news in Evangelical circles. That’s where I want Evangelical Dark Web to head.


Soli Deo Gloria



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