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Jory Micah

Is Jory Micah a false teacher?

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Verdict: Jory Micah denies the authority and inerrancy of Scripture in an effort to argue that women should be in authority within the church. She has a feminist agenda and both she and her followers should be avoided.


Jory Micah is one of the most obvious false teachers covered on Evangelical Dark Web. Thus, this will not be an exhaustive list of her false teachings; rather, it will be enough to prove that she preaches a counterfeit gospel. The more serviceable purpose is to use this evidence against Jory Micah to weed out false teachers who affirm and associate with her.


Jory Micah is an influencer of sorts within the evangelical community. This is from the bio on her website:

This site is all about breaking the glass steeple.

My top mission is to help women shake off the chains of limitation and the shackles of oppression that the Christian Church has wrapped around them in the name of incorrect biblical interpretation and stale religion.

And I hope you’ll join me!

I gave my life to Jesus Christ when I was 13 years old and immediately felt called to be a minister. When I was 18 years old, I packed my car and moved from Pittsburgh to Dallas to attend Bible School. It was there that my fire for women’s rights in the Christian Church began! I was confronted by “the cool guys” and told that my dream of being a leader in the Church was a sin because women were not meant to lead men. Little did they know, they were fueling a fire that still burns today.

It’s worth noting that she and her husband are activists for the pro-abortion Democrat Party.

Heretical Christological Views

Her Masters Thesis reads

While Jesus walked the earth as a male, He no longer has a gender. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are all of one Spirit, representing both male and female attributes. Genesis 1:27 is clear that God created both man and woman in His image. God is just as much a Mother as He is a Father. Christ is not only a brother, but also the bridegroom of the Church. While this philosophy is less attractive and incomprehensive to the human mind, it is the truth of the Holy Bible. Complementarian point-of-view is clear-cut, but focuses only on select portions of Scripture. When studying the Bible as a whole, complementarian thought loses its validity and systematic attraction.

Jesus is the incarnation of God, God in flesh. Jesus does not change forms or genders. The Holy Trinity is consistent throughout scripture, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Since Jesus is to return, it would be difficult to argue that he has ceased being male in the meantime. Since Jesus in God-incarnate, it would be impossible for him to be genderless, nor is there evidence for this in Scripture. God the Father is personified as being a male father figure as has been the case in scripture for thousands of years. A different personification of the Father is most likely pagan in origin. Therefore, Jory Micah’s Christological views are heretical, though we do not have a name for this one specifically.


This is a blatant heresy we see her espouse on social media as well as her

Jory Micah anti-Paulism

Denial of inerrancy and authority of Scripture

Jory Micah is rather upfront about denying the authority of Scripture.

Jory Micah 03

And also the inerrancy. Note she’s talking about the original writers of scripture, not even the translators.

Jory Micah 01

She also denies the necessity of Scripture to know and understand Jesus or be saved.

Jory Micah 02


The church is Jory Micah’s feminist hustle. Her master thesis states

While it is evident that men and women differ physically, emotionally, and intellectually, there is no data that supports men and women differing spiritually and in capability to lead. Regardless of gender, all individuals relate to God differently and encounter Him in unique ways.

Actually, if we look at the churches that ordain women as overseers, we see that they have all become apostate, embracing various heresies. Including, lo and behold,breaking-the-glass-steeple-5 Jory Micah.


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2 Responses

  1. Not sure you knew, but major denominations like Wesleyan are egalitarian.

    Also, since when Jesus returns we will no longer be given in marriage… Jesus is phasing out male and female genitals and human bodies. We will be as the angels ~ who have never been married and never will marry.

    So, it’s kind of odd for a person to believe Jesus will be returning as a physical male in body.

    As far as “gender” ~ it’s rather odd to believe that God the Father and the angels are men with male genitals.

    God is Spirit. God made Adam and Eve in His image.

    Adam and Eve together as one spiritually reflect God’s image.

    God has spiritual sons and daughters both: without Himself having any physical relationship with “someone else” to create sons and daughters in His image.

    So, the sons and daughters come directly from God’s Spirit in spirit.

    Please think about it.

    We’re you thinking only men are born of the Spirit? Not women?

    Obviously, God can produce men and women born of His Spirit directly from His own Spirit.

    Each reflecting His image.

    “Paul” is just a purported denominational leader. No one has to join his denomination to be saved. Nor receive his letters as “authoritative”. That would be Mormonesque, now wouldn’t it?

    Do you think no one was a Christian before those letters were penned?

    Do you think every Christian “in the day” followed “Paul” lockstep? They didn’t.

    Why should we today?

    So “Paul” said he is the Father who begat the church as the bishop of Rome.

    Well. I am not Catholic.

    I don’t receive the bishop of Rome.

    That’s why we have liberty of denominations: not required to subject to the bishop of Rome or any other church leader to be born again.

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